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(SPOILERS) I want to play a game...

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.... Those were her exact words... 


MAXIS is now the demonic announcer. This is revealed when activating the fly trap, as he now states instead of samantha's "I want to play a game, lets play HIDE AND SEEK" 


Instead, maxis will say the same thing fallowed by "Those were her exact words". 

The fly trap components ARN'T where they were anymore either! Even the monkey in the fireplace weilds nothing, however you can hear samantha crying from arround that area....



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Some flytrap info.



If anyone has seen the last piece of the flytrap found, Maxis says something along the lines of knowing when and where we are, he will soon find us, and something about saving the children. 


Not sure why but it sounds like maybe we are Sam and he's talking to us. 


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