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Original Characters Returning? (Die Rise Easter Egg)

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Hey I just wanted to bring my new theory here to the forums just to get the zombies community thinking. In Die Rise, above the elevator in the spawn room, there is some sort of chinese brail. Decoded, the chinese brail means the following: "From the shadow of the moon." Now to my theory. As of right now, the original characters are on Moon.(so we think) "From the Shadow of the Moon" is actually a book based in the 1960's. That is around the time of our original characters. The book is about a couple of astronauts returning from the moon and telling their story. See the connection? I think the original characters (still on moon) will return in future DLC. Remember, Treyarch did say that all of the original characters will be returning in ''some form.'' Either they will appear in Map Pack 2, or the last map pack.

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