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  1. Gorod Krovi unfinished EEs

    what is with the candles and flower vases in GK?
  2. Gorod Krovi Highest Round.

    30 on my second
  3. Gorod Krovi Highest Round.

    17 on my first run
  4. Hello

    Hi everyone
  5. Intel

    Such an amazing concept for a black ops map and i think this was the best idea for a small map the outcome of winning or losing? Map Goes Boom. Loved it then and Love it now
  6. Hello

    Hello my name is Lorne AKA TranzlusiD115 (Xbox One) im a gamer since i was 4 playing atari up to the current gen of gaming consoles. been a CoD Zombies lover since World at War. nice to meet you all
  7. "TheGiant" Cipher

    Very insightful
  8. Other re-made WAW map concepts

    Very Great Comcepts
  9. These are all pretty Impressive
  10. The Giant Highest Round

    thats awesome tho
  11. What's your favorite band(s)

    Slipknot,Motionless in White and Skinny Puppy
  12. Black Ops3 FAvorite Map?

    Der Eisendrache
  13. The Giant Highest Round

    What was your Highest round on the Giant? Mine Sadly was 44
  14. I cant wait for map to be on Xbox One.seems like we've been waiting forever