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  1. Nethrus

    @RequixEclipse As usual, incredible work on a high-quality post. For me, the hardest part of the Nerthus mythology is that she is linked, interwoven, and interchangeable with other gods/goddesses throughout Germany and Nordic regions. One source I found linked her with no less than 10 other goddesses in some way or another. It's probably that different people consider these dieties to be unique, but it's hard for me to sort through it all. However, I found two notable threads: Nerthus the Mother: The first I posted about in another thread here in more detail. The gist of it is that Nerthus, and to a greater extent Bertha (the White Lady), is associated with watching over the souls of the dead and unborn children. This has interesting implications for the meuchlers, who appear to be referring to Nerthus as "mother". Charlemagne the demigod: While clearly not true, the mother of historical figure Charlemagne is called Bertrada of Laon. She's associated with the goddess Bertha. I think this is for 3 reasons: first, Charlemagne was well loved and feared and extremely powerful; it makes sense for some people to associate this power with divinity. Second, Bertrada sounds similar to Bertha. Third, Bertha is associated with a single flat foot (like a duck's foot) and supposedly Bertrada was known to have a foot like this. If I'm honest, the only reason I care about this, relatively thin connection, is that it could bring Charlemagne into the story, which could open up many exciting directions for the story.
  2. Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    @RequixEclipse Great find! After googling this, it turns out that this is also in the Toy Shop in TFR. So either this is the same book brought back, or Rideau was also researching the knights.
  3. Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    @RequixEclipse By murals do you mean the ones down by Barbarossa's statue? I think Glitching Queen did a phenomenal job retrieving and cleaning up the images from the walls down there: http://www.glitchingqueen.com/ww2zombies.html As far as what they mean, I'm inclined to think they have to do with one of the Crusades Barbarossa went on. However, there is no notable time on which he took a sea-voyage for the Crusades, so really it is a mystery. And what do you mean by statues?
  4. All The Darkest Shore audio logs

    @anonymous Found an interesting Meuchler/Nerthus connection. Nerthus is a part of a cluster of goddesses who, depending on the region/belief system, were either all the same or closely related. Namely Nerthus, Frigga, Holda, Bertha, and Perchta were all goddesses of the earth and fertility. One of the functions of the goddess of the earth was to take-up the dead and watch over them. Specifically named are the souls of children who are unborn. What if the meuchlers are saying “mutter” because they are inhabited by the souls of unborn children who look to Nerthus as their mother. Bellow are quotes from two different sources about this theory.
  5. All The Final Reich audio logs

    @anonymous This exactly what I was thinking! I think that Straub heads back to defend Hitler, but loses and WWII ends. However, Straub escapes and continues to hunt down the final pieces of the Sword. Because of this, I don't think we'll actually get another piece of the sword in the next map. Up to this point Straub has deliberately positioned his forces and research. Now though, he's reacting to a call for help, so it would be unlikely for him to stumble upon another piece of the sword. @Silv3r Energy Bolivia seems perfectly fine to me as a future map. I think it would be another great way to explore the world and tap into the mythology/history of new frontiers. I'm also hoping that we end up in Egypt. This is mainly because the pre-release notes from Klaus that Noah got were from a book about the history of Egypt (Das alte Wunderland de Pyramiden for those interested- 1906 edition). Plus it kind of makes sense that Dr. Straub might be trying to learn more from the "Book of the Dead" or something like that.
  6. All The Final Reich audio logs

    @anonymous I think it's referring to Crusades. The stone reliefs in the Emperors Chambers appear to depict Barbarossa's journey and death during the 3rd Crusade. I personally think we're dealing with something that came back from the Crusades (I'm working on a proper write up for it).
  7. Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    @anonymousYeah, it definitely seems like I let my excitement get the better of me and I jumped the gun. From an in-game dialogue stand-point, we now know that Straub's forces are being redirected, as stated in Audio Log 32. My personal interpretation of this is that the message came from Berlin, but doesn't guarantee that the undead army was redirect there. Based on your proposed timeline, in July of 1944 Hitler barely avoided assassination during Operation Valkyrie where a bomb was detonated at the Wolf's Lair. This wouldn't explain why the Nazi's would need an undead army in Poland, but maybe it suggests a deployment to the Eastern Front? Initially I agreed with your timeline, but now I have 2 potential timelines that are quite different from each other. Essentially it comes from a series of tweets that both in-game confirm Groesten Haus happens after D-day and Cameron Dayton confirms the story takes place in 1945. [tweet] Here is my best guess at a timeline: ( * indicates an event that is believed to have happened around this time but with no clear date) 1933 - Marie leaves Bavaria to go England/America. Eventually joins the OSS and MFAA [source] 1935 - Ahnenerbe founded 1937 - Barbarossa's chamber discovered in mines of Mittleburg.[source] *Straub arrives and begins experimentation with Geistkraft. Starts to build undead army. 1940 - Operation Sea-Lion planned. *Straub base on Heligoland set up as staging ground for Operation Sea-Lion March 20th, 1941 - Klaus begins writing to Marie about atrocities occurring in Mittleburg.[source] June 22nd, 1943 - Marie begins writing in her journal. She's a part of the OSS and is reaching out to the MFAA. [source] July 24th, 1943 - Rideau reaches out to Marie about the artifacts Klaus has uncovered. [source] August 3rd, 1943 - MFAA approves mission to Mittleburg. June 6th, 1944 - D-day You can find paperwork in campaign that talks about having dead bodies sent from the front to Dr. Straub in Mittleburg. Here I think it splits into 2 possible timelines: Version I: Based on historical dates of accomplishments mentioned in TFR Prologue [prologue] April 4th, 1945 - Merkers Salt mines captured by Allied forces. Drostan present for retrieval. [source] April/May 1945- Neuschwanstein Castle turned over to allies. Olivia present for retrieval. [source] May 4th, 1945 - Berchtesgaden, "Hitler's mountain retreat" captured by Allies. Jefferson present for retrieval. [source] *May 1945 - The Final Reich Snow would have to be from altitude in the mountains, but this seems unlikely (see above for more detail). Probably can't be winter because WWII was well over by then Apparently newspapers in the Groesten Haus reference D-day landings as having happened *May 1945 - The Darkest Shore Again, character dialogue suggests a quick turn-around for this mission, suggesting it might be days-weeks after TFR. Comfortably <1mo after TFR. Can't come to rescue Hitler because he died on April 30th, 1945. Version II: Based on approximations of historical dates and working backwards from end of WWII. Essentially paints a picture of the undead army coming to defend Germany as the Allies race for Berlin. Early April 1945 - Merkers, Neuschwanstein, and Berchtesgaden all happen in close proximity as Allied forces advance into Germany *~April 10th, 1945 - The Final Reich Problems with the snow have already been discussed above. Essentially it goes here bc it's 1week prior to Darkest Shore *April 18th, 1945 - The Darkest Shore This has our characters assaulting the island in the morning and then calling in the historically accurate, devastating bombing on April 18th, 1945 This now places our characters on a Zeppelin with Straub heading to defend the Führer. Historically speaking, by April 23rd the Soviets had essentially surrounded Berlin. [source] My personal favorite is Version III. I like the idea of this being Straub's final attempt to push back the Allied armies.
  8. Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    @RequixEclipse It's all good. I just feel silly I didn't check! I was using outdated information. In other news, on TDS Dr. Straub talks about how we're too late again, and that Directive 16 is already underway (or something to that effect). This 100% confirms Sea Lion is active, probably meaning the next map will be the invasion of the UK.
  9. Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    @RequixEclipse So it seems! My bad
  10. Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    @RequixEclipse Wait, there are 24 audio logs? I thought it only went up to 22.
  11. Possible connection between Ahnenerbe and the Wustling

    @Silv3r Energy I know I'm a little late to this party, but it appears Wüstling in German most directly translates to "libertine". I'll be honest, I had to crack open a dictionary for that one, but apparently it either refers: a person, especially a man, who behaves without moral principles or a sense of responsibility, especially in sexual matters. AKA: playboy, brute, philanderer, Casanova. a person who rejects accepted opinions in matters of religion; a freethinker. My opinion, I think the name is around-a-bout way of referring to the zombie was a big brute with a phallic club attached to an arm. It seems more likely to me that the name is referencing this than Walter Wüst. In other interesting/related translation, wüstling is also a word in West Frisian (Heligoland/TDS connection) meaning "desperate".
  12. Holy Emperor Fredrick Bararabossa

    @RequixEclipse Oh my god I'm so glad I'm not crazy. I too was going down a path toward the Knights Templar. While the story it suggests is PHENOMENAL, I haven't been able to find concrete evidence in the game linking it together. I would love to know more about what you've found to keep my hopes alive!
  13. Heligoland, Atlantis, and Future DLC implications

    @anonymous Great point about the scope of Nazi territories in 1943. I didn't consider this, but it could really limit the areas they focus on. I can't decide whether I like the idea of Dr. Straub "falling back" into Germany to help defend as the Nazi's lose territory in Europe. I love the realism of it, but I can't help but think that it put some strong boundaries on the direction of the story. But maybe this will be a one-and-done type of experience. Maybe the end of WW2 Zombies is us defeating Straub and defeating the Axis powers? And I'll keep an eye out for your Geistkraft research!
  14. *Note, this is a tweaking of a post that I put on reddit not too long ago. I think people here will appreciate it too! Also, check out @anonymous's great post on the Ahnenerbe (i've also linked to it in the post below for background references)* As far as I know, the exact location for the Darkest Shore has not been confirmed. However this is strong evidence points towards Heligoland. I think MrDalekJD's video is a good summary of the available evidence. In the teaser trailer for DLC1, Cameron Dayton states, “for this next chapter in our game, our characters have received intel about the movement of Dr. Straub. He’s gone to this foggy island just north of Germany.” By why the hell does a German scientist run from Bavaria to an island in the North Sea? What’s the connection? I believe the answer lies in the Ahnenerbe. The Ahnenerbe spent a large portion of their time hijacking the classical roots of Europe via archeological and anthropological exploration to justify the superiority of the Aryan race. They funded expeditions throughout Europe, Africa and Asia to explore these ideas from the homeland of the Aryans in Lapland to searching ancient battles by the Aryans in the Middle East. This led to some radical ideas lead about how ancient peoples interacted and migrated throughout the ages. Perhaps the most outlandish was that the Aryan people were descended from the Atlanteans. The theory states that the Aryan people were from Atlantis, and that when their homeland was flooded they became a sea-faring, warrior-like people who settled in the mountainous regions of the world so they would never have to fear flooding again. This led them to the Himalayan mountains, from which they eventually migrated from to arrive in their northern/Nordic roots. Apparently, Himmler himself believed this theory! Speculation as to the location of the Atlantean continent was rampant, but important to our story, Heligoland was considered a possible candidate! Again, it is believed Himmler wanted to send an expedition to Heligoland to investigate the claims, but wartime activities prevented him from doing so. This region does have some logical archeological underpinnings for this claim though. Heligoland is part of a region called Doggersland, which is known to have been above sea at some point due to geological findings. Furthermore, remnants of human settlements have been found there before. Also, as this map of Heligoland demonstrates, the island itself has been disappearing into the sea even within easily recordable history. So to wrap this up, why does Dr. Straub go to Heligoland? Because in this universe the Ahnenerbe built a research station there along with the Naval base, so Dr. Straub is running to a place of safety and familiarity. While I hoped this would be to study Atlantis (thus the focus of this post), the most recent trailer for the Darkest Shores suggests an emphasis on the Gods/Goddesses of the island. However, they could also find/work with ancient technology created by the Atlanteans, or maybe just throw in a few references there or there. What implications does this have for future DLC? I think we will be chasing Dr. Straub down as he escapes to different Ahnenerbe expeditions/strongholds. I personally think this would be FASCINATING!!!! To name just a few of their exploits, the Ahnenerbe funded expeditions to search for the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant, and witches in Finland. As u/Johnyj45 theorized, there is evidence one of the DLC maps will be in Egypt and relate to Ramses II. He ties this together with a theory about the DLC revolving around ancient kings, which he laid out in videos here and here. I agree with his evidence that Egypt could be a future map, but have a hard time fitting it into my theory. As far as I can tell, the Ahnenerbe did not have a specific expedition to Egypt. However, as I mentioned previously, the Ahnenerbe did care about Atlantis. It is believed by some that all ancient “Sea Peoples” are related to Atlantis by heritage or alliance. Ramses II is known to have the first recorded defeat of a Sea People known as the Shardana, who are believed to have come from Sardinia, and island off the coast of Italy. Italy has been a source of a few different Ahnenerbe expeditions, with a Sardinia expedition being planned but never completed. I am not the first person to suggest the Ahnenerbe could be a focus of future zombies maps, but I believe this is the first time we can move the discussion from the “hypothetical” to “probable”.
  15. Trailer for "The darkest shore"

    @anonymous Thanks for the shout-out! Yeah, I absolutely think that the statue is of Nerthus (sometimes miss-identified as Hertha). Nerthus is a fertility goddess or mother-earth. She's associated with a shroud and sacred cattle. One source (that I'm not sure I 100% trust) suggests that sacrifices of cattle horns or cow teeth are good: note our statue is shrouded and has a cattle skull in it's hand. Nerthus has a debated connection with Heligoland. Tacitus first reported the ritual of Nerthus in his book Germania. Early commentators believed that the sacred area in question was on Heligoland, mostly because it was already known to be a holy/sacred island to many Frisians. Later scholars question this idea, so it seems very unclear where she stands in the history of the island. One that that is well known though is the association with Foseti. Foseti was a Frisian/Nordic god of law, order, and judgment. There is a great story about how he saved some Frisian leaders from a boat with a giant battle-axe, and then planted the axe in the ground where they landed, causing a spring to come-forth. He then dictated the first laws of the Frisian people as they sat around the spring. There is a sacred spring/well on the island of Heligoland. It is said that no-one would speak when near it. We can confirm the existence of the spring/well because of the missionary St. Willibrord. He visited the island of "Fosetiland" and found a sacred well with cattle around it where people would not speak while drinking from it. He noted there were many shrines to non-Christian gods on the island. Like most missionaries back in the day, he defiled the well by killing the cattle and baptizing people in the well. As a final note, here's a link to maps of Heligoland from the Atlas Maior of 1665. I like it for a couple of reasons. First, the map is a depiction of the island at 3 separate time points, all overlaid on each other. The first around 800AD, in which the island is huge. However, due to lowland flooding it has shrunk to it's current state (as of 1665). This is a large part why Heligoland is associated with Atlantis mythology, particularly by the Ahnenerbe and Himmler. Second, it shows lots of temples on the island. This links into our "gods of the island" in the trailer. You can specifically see the temple to Foseti in the NW corner of the map. Third, it's a pretty map. Now for some baseless theory crafting about things we could do in the map: Part of the EE quest could incorporate the sacred spring on the island. I would image the gods were not happy about having it defiled with baptism, so maybe we have to cleanse it. Or perhaps we have to cleanse the hilt of Barbarossa's sword. Foseti's battle axe sounds really cool, so in the spirit of using ancient weaponry as a wonder-weapon, why not add a giant battle-axe to the list?