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  1. Peter McCain

    I have no proof for this, but my hope is that a cipher on GK or Rev will give us some more information about Peter.
  2. Where are you from?

    @anonymous I'm definitely a little late to the party here. I'm currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  3. Ahnenerbe and Frederick the Great: A theory about Nazi Zombies

    Excellent foresight with your theory! It looks like Sledgehammer's following your lead ;) I wanted to add in a few more things we found out from Marie Fischer's Journal Marie is working for OSS A German trained by the proto-CIA sounds like a backstory with deep historical records to draw from Looks like Marie will be working with the Monument Men This is a direct connection with Raphael's Portrait as well as Operation Bodysnatch Marie is from Mittelberg in Bavaria I find this interesting because she seems to be attempting to get the MFAA to lead a mission to her hometown to look for Klaus. To me this suggests that Klaus, and therefore Frederick, will be nearby. Now, I can't read German so maybe @Nieno69 could help out a bit, but there seem to be a few places in Germany that have Mittelberg in their name. I think Mittelberg (Rödental) is the most likely candidate because is: In Bavaria on the border with Thuringia Only about a 2 hour drive to the Barbarossa monument on Kyffhäuse A more fun location though might be Mittelberg (Nebra) Not in Bavaria but it is only 1 hour away from the Kyffhäuse monument Nebra is the site where the Nebra Sky Disk was discovered Essentially it's believed to be a Bronze Age astronomical instrument. It was buried with a bunch of cool bronze age weapons and stuff Again I find it interesting because it goes back to the rich history of the area/region and how people used the area for star gazing/religious rites Continuing to reference historical events to ground the story Again, nothing specific to zombies here, but I just love that they threw in the Kampfbund, Beer Hall Putsch, and the Deutsche Physik into this story This attention to detail gives me a lot of hope for this game
  4. Ciphers

    @RequixEclipse Nope, not solved yet.
  5. @DeathBringerZen I know that @oxin8 has been working on it. Not sure about his progress.
  6. Because it hasn't been posted here yet, @waterkh, @oxin8, @lizisadoliphin solved the Ticket Cipher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ey: 9750328 (derived from the 30957298 on the ticket) PT: From all of us at Treyarch it has been a fun and amazing experience making zombies with you these last eight years. Without your love and input none of this could have been possible. Thank you for playing. As @Aquillian suspected it was an ADFGX cipher.
  7. Significance of Jumpscares

    In addition to their ability to get the heart pumping, I believe jumpscares have a function within the storyline. I got thinking about this after Milo interviewed Blundell for the ZNS live-stream. Here is the relevant portion. Milo: With the jumpscares, is that something that, in your own way, you are trying to tell a story? Or it just something like “Eh, put an image in”? Jason: Every technique that we use, even reoccurring techniques, are applicable for moving story or narrative elements. You put in something like a jumpscare, and at first it’s just a fun thing. Overtime, that thing that just has a benign idea, actually has a purpose. That’s not just applied to jumpscares, but could be applied to anything. This thing that everyone has gotten used to, that means they won’t look there for anything you want to insert there. He then proceeds to pass on explaining the DE jumpscare, which has yet to be found. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I think this is evidence for a significance to the jumpscares greater than that of making us a drop a deuce in our pants unexpectedly. I'm going to cover my hypothesis, why I think it's right, and what it's shortcomings are. Also a quick note on terminology before I get started. At this current time, I personally think the zombies universe can best be explained by a variant of the Many World Interpretation that is used to describe quantum mechanics; there is one universe that contains many worlds that demonstrate the infinite possible outcomes of the events in a day. Thus, in my explanation, the characters will travel between “worlds” within the same “universe”. Defining the Problem: In an attempt to make this thorough and pseudo-scientific, let’s start with defining the problem. A “good” theory about jumpscares must answer these three questions at a minium: What do jump-cares represent in the story? Why do some maps have them? Why do some maps NOT have them? I think breaks the problem down into its most basic parts. The first one is kind of self-evident, but I think the last two are probably more important. If it’s true that jumpscares have any significance at all, then it follows that there is a reason they appear in some maps and don’t appear in others. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that that jumpscares mark the state/health of the universe. When characters enter a new world, they break down the boundary between worlds and allow for them to bleed through. As the number of world-jumps increase, the amount of bleeding should increase and more of other universes should enter the one our characters currently occupy. So specifically applying to our questions, it looks something like this: What do jump-cares represent in the story? When characters transfer between worlds, they create a hole that breaks down the architecture of the universe. Imagine termites eating a wood house. The more they eat of the wood, the less structurally sound the house becomes until it collapses. In the same way, the more holes our characters create jumping between worlds, the more the universe collapses. I think one manifestation of this collapse is the jumpscares. Thus, anytime people jump through to another world, a piece of another world can jump in and scare us. Why do some maps have them? The maps that have them are those where a character or characters have traveled to a new world. Why do some maps NOT have them? The maps that don’t have them are those where the character has traveled within the same world. As a bonus, I believe my hypothesis also explains why jumpscares would be getting worse. If you look at the transition from the first jumpscares to the most recently found one in ZNS, they have progressed from an image appearing to a corporeal manifestation of an alternate version of our characters. As I mentioned before, I think the jumpscares are evidence of the universe losing its boundaries and architecture. As this progresses, the holes get bigger, so worse “bleeding through” can occur. Thus, the universe is more unstable by the time ZNS rolls around than in previous maps. The Evidence: There are 4 maps that have jump-scares: Mob of the Dead Origins Shadows of Evil Zetsubou no Shima Just as importantly, these maps do not have jump-scares: The Giant Der Eisendrache Gorod Krovi (as of the time of this post) Do the maps that have jump-scares all have a world jump? Mob of the Dead A plausible explanation of MotD is that Alcatraz prison/the characters are pulled into another world. I think the best evidence for this is the audio at the end of the Pop Goes the Weasel easter egg where Stanley Ferguson explains how the characters “really” attempted to escape, and their “real” fates. Clearly this doesn’t happen to them MotD, so I conclude this is a different world than the one they previously occupied. Thus a jumpscare should occur. Origins Origins Richthofen has blood vials from the MotD characters, suggesting he jumped into the world that contains MotD to get them. Thus, a world-transition occurred and a jumpscare should occur. Shadows of Evil There are quotes that suggest that the SOE characters were transported from their original world and placed within a separate one; thus a jumpscare should occur. Here are two Shadowman quotes that mention how they’re not in their original reality. “Bring the item that links you to the other world. Place it upon the altar. Its connection to that soul will draw them into this realm.” "Your world, as it was, is still here. It's shifted slightly, wrenched from its rightful place. Many of the souls, who inhabited it, have succumbed to the... darkness. There are echoes in themselves, trapped in a fractured shadow of reality." Zetsubo no Shima A conversation between Tank and Richtofen suggests that they traveled “interdimensionally” to reach ZNS. I think this alone suggest there was a travel between worlds, but one could also argue the SOE teleporter scene at the end of the Easter Egg could represent travel to another world. Thus, a jumpscare should occur. Quote is down below: “Dempsey: Hey Richtofen, why don't you tell your pal Maxis to drop us off exactly where we need to be next time?” “Richtofen: We are dealing with the complexities of the interdimensional time travel across a fracturing universe! It's not exactly easy...” Do the maps that don’t have jumpscares not have a world jump? I want to quickly preface that a jumpscare has not been found on these maps at the time of posting, but obviously this could change The Giant We know Richtofen arrived via the teleporter, but do not know how the rest of the characters arrived. I think the most likely explanation is that they were transported here from the previous world in which Origin’s took place. Furthermore, Richtofen has been traveling to many places and times, so it’s likely that he arrived at The Giant from another world. Thus there should be a jumpscare, but there is not. This is one possible explanation of how the characters arrived without traveling through to a different world. Basically The Giant is set within the same world as Origins but in the future. Thus the characters could travel into the future without world-jumping. The complication is having an older Richtofen meet Origins Richtofen. Again, one explanation for this is that the “older Richtofen” is actually the future version of Origins Richtofen. Richtofen knew that to set the correct events in motion he had to sacrifice himself, so that’s what he did. Again, I think this is an interesting theory, but a little far flung. In the end I think it’s more likely that they traveled between worlds to arrive there. Thus The Giant does not fit in with my current hypothesis. Der Eisendrache Our characters arrive in the opening cutscene via a giant mech. I think it’s probable that this is the giant that is seen under construction at The Giant. Thus one can logically conclude that they traveled to Der Eisendrache via this mech, not by traveling bewtween world. Thus there should not be a jumpscrare. Gorod Krovi So, I made this theory after ZNS, before Gorod Krovi came out. When the intro to the map was revealed, and there was a massive portal in the sky that the characters fall out of, it seemed like an open and shut case of traveling to a different world. However, there has not been a jumpscare found on Gorod Krovi. Again this contradicts my current hypothesis. If my hypothesis is correct, it would mean that ZNS and GK are in the same world. The portal in the sky seems to contradict this. However, it does seem odd to me that the researchers on ZNS created the dragons, and then we happen to jump to another world that also had the dragons developed and deployed to the Eastern Front? It does seem possible that the dragons are here because they are the same ones from ZNS, and that we haven’t changed worlds. However, my current conclusion based off the evidence is that it probably doesn’t fit with my current hypothesis. Conclusions: I think my hypothesis gives a rational meaning for the significance of the jumpscares within the Zombies Universe. It also properly correlates why the maps with jumpscares should have a jumpscare. However, it does not do a good job explaining why the maps without jumpscares do not have jumpscares. I think it works well with DE, but to account for TG and GK requires convoluted story progress or ignorance of other evidence. However, if my hypothesis is correct, then Revelations (which at the time of writing has not been released) should have a jumpscare in it. The architecture of the universe is crumbling around them, and they’re clearly in a different world than GK. This should meet the criteria for a jumpscare. We’ll just have to wait and see if this prediction is correct! Thanks for making to the end of this exceedingly long post. Let me now if you agree/disagree!
  8. ADFGX cipher

    @AetherialVoices Yes, that's correct. Telixion did the work years ago proving that a standard alphabet with all possible combinations doesn't yield results. Thus there must be a "non-standard" alphabet. As for whether the Cell Cipher can be used to generate a key, I don't think so. But I do agree with one of your previous comments that if there ever was a "hint" it would be on MotD. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  9. ADFGX cipher

    @Shootinfish Ok. I agree with what you are saying and those values match the one's I've calculated. Like @oxin8 said though, I'm not sure how useful they'll be in the context of a very short cipher text. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want it to work, but the results aren't as promising as I hoped with them. I do still think that if we were to check them one at a time, we should start with the ones with an IOC close to 0.0667.
  10. ADFGX cipher

    @Shootinfish I'm not sure I understand what you just did. Which do you think is the actual IOC of the strand. The analyzed or the provided?
  11. @AetherialVoices Definitely not off topic! I always recommend people try to re-solve the solved ciphers from previous maps as a way to practice their skills with a known entity. But, it is generally less exciting than working on a truly unknown cipher. If you're looking for resources, I particularly enjoy practicalcryptography.com and found their page addressing how to identify unknown ciphers to be especially helpful when starting off. If you really start to enjoy solving, try checking out Lanaki's Crypto Course for a truly deep-dive in to the subject.
  12. @oxin8 Well for me, the worst part is the spacing. There could be spaces hidden in the cipher text that we aren't seeing which would throw it off. I honestly don't know if this a double transposition or not. On top of that, I don't know how to check that it is.
  13. The evidence points to there not being a substitution involved, only transposition. The frequency analysis shows a pretty standard English distribution: We need to just focus on transposition types here. Unfortunately, if this is a Double Columnar Transposition, most methods I've seen are either "guess and check" or involve anagramming.
  14. @oxin8 I've totally been calling the Typewriter cipher in my own notes, so I think it should be official too! And I agree with all you've posted, but I'll add a quick comment on the MACC analysis. It certainly doesn't hurt to use it for transposition type ciphers, but it actually works best for mono alphabetic substitutions, particularly ones that are designed to have abnormal letter frequencies because it relies on a different characteristic (contact counts). That's why it might give us some useful info when looking at the monoalpahbetic substitution stage of the ADFGX cipher (assuming there is a statistically sufficient number of letters).