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  1. Finally did the Easter Egg on solo

    And what a fucking pain in the ass it was. Game lasted 4 hours, Rain Fire is nearly impossible to do solo, and I died before I got to see the cutscene but all is not lost, my edited version of the game is currently the number 1 trending video on CODTV Zombies. That's something, right?
  2. Nazi Richtofen missing his Swastika

    First things first, this^ is rude. No need to be calling anyone an idiot for having an opinion. Secondly, it is easy to assume they will not add the swaztika for a number of reasons. After having to edit the Kino map so it was eligable for release in Germany and neighboring countries I can see why they would choose to leave the emblem out of this new game so it can pass through without issue. The world has gone all sensitive over the slightest of things and the bigger game developers seem to have abandoned the whole WWII scene for a modern and fictional setting where they are not necessarily offending anyone. It may not be why they have chosen to do this but it sure does seem so. Even EA have taken the Medal of Honor and Battlefield series away from WWII and into modern times. Original Infinity Ward (ie: Respawn) chose a futuristic setting for their debut title under a new guise. That doesn't mean there is not WWII orientated games though. Wolfenstien and Nazi Zombie Army are 2 I can think of but I am just assuming that considering the storyline has long since shifted away from the Nazi Zombie storyline to just zombies now I can see them ditching it just to keep things clean. I am obviously jumping the gun when I say "guarantee" but I still feel pretty confident nonetheless. You say that they stopped after Kino, which isn't the case. Rezurrection came with 4 Nazi Zombie maps, fully uncensored in the international release, and nobody complained. Also, Richtofen, while wearing a spacesuit in Ascension (presumably to fit the theme of the map, came back in his full uncensored uniform in Shangri-La. Also, I know I was being a bit harsh when I called people idiots, but that reason to move out of WW2 just seems very unlikely to me. I think it left that era was because WW2 was the standard time period for shooters since Wolfenstein in the 80s, and pretty much every shooter game since then was a WW2 shooter, and people got so bored of the era that Infinity Ward wanted to mix it up a bit, and got extremely successful doing so. Other shooter series saw, and followed suit. I doubt it was because they got tired of censoring. And the thing is, nobody I have ever met, including Germans, have ever gotten upset about a video game containing Nazis and/or dealing with National Socialism in any way. Most people just accept it as history and move on. In fact, every German gamer I know always imports any sort of game containing Nazis from out of country, because they don't want to deal with the censorship either. And to be honest, internationally censoring their game will probably create more drama than having a censored version, and a non censored version. No way to know until it's out though, so we'll see. Edit: And also, thanks to Reaper2909, it's looks a version of the Digital Deluxe is restricted to Germany and Austria only. Funny how it's only the Digital Deluxe, which includes "The Gaint" and not the standard retail release. Makes me think it will be uncensored
  3. Nazi Richtofen missing his Swastika

    lol game devs don't even care about talking a few minutes and removing the swastikas from their games, and it's never been an issue before. And if you think the reason CoD stopped being in WW2 or Zombies moved away from Nazi Zombies is because they don't want to take the time to censor it, you're an idiot. Why would they release a map pack in 2011 with Moon full of Nazi Zombie maps, with even a Nazi Zombie, wearing a swastika badge, as the marketing material when Treyarchs too scared to deal with Nazis anymore? I don't think they are, and no Nazi in a CoD game has ever been censored except for in a version that legally requires censorship, which they do and there's no drama, so why would they care now? Just because they censored an international trailer that they don't want to have to block in certain countries means Treyarch or Activisions so scared of backlash from Germany that a fucking bonus map with Nazi Zombies has to be censored internationally, when they've done it a thousand times before, without censorship, with, like I said, no drama? I would love to hear why some of you guys can "almost guarentee" it will be censored internationally, besides Treyarch being too lazy to censor specific versions, which isn't a valid reason at all.
  4. Nazi Richtofen missing his Swastika

    He is also missing the swastika on his hat and tie, but I'm sure the final game will include the swastikas (at least in the American version)
  5. The Giant: A Sequel to Origins

    Well, better go put on some fresh pants
  6. Ooohh shit! Check twitter for updates GO GO GO!! https://t.co/n96aOv5wd2 Edit: Stream just ended, sorry :(
  7. My case for why "The Giant" is NOT a "remake"

    Remake = Where they take the base game (or map in this case) and completely REMAKE it from the ground up which often includes lots of changes (ex: FFVII remake announced at E3) Remaster (the word you guys are thinking of) = Leaving the base game (or map) almost exactly the same and improving mainly visuals (ex. GTAV, 4 original W@W maps in Black Ops)
  8. Zombie Reveal at Comic-Con Discussion

    Wouldnt be very exclusive if any asshole at home jerking off gets to watch the trailer at the same time, now would it? Also, found this on the Xbox Live market place. It's been there for weeks yet I guess nobody read it :(
  9. A closer look at BO3 zombies.

    Hi everybody, longtime lurker but first time poster, and I just want to tell you why I think that Nazi Zombies are very possible for Black Ops 3 Starting with this image: As soon as a saw this image it just screamed WWII to me. Not necessarily the zombie itself, but just the whole design of the poster and the font used is very reminiscent of WWII propaganda art. The zombie itself is way too generic to identify a time period, being just a dress shirt and tie, but note his pistol holsters on his side. Next, we got the hat. Obviously very reminiscent of German SS hats Then, when people see the hood they go "How can that be a Nazi? Nazi's didn't wear hoods." Well, yes they did. In fact, the hoods that they wore looked very much like that. Here is a quote from Wikipedia talking about it: Here is an actual picture of the hooded German uniforms in use, from Wikipedia: And here's a picture of some random asshole wearing one, obviously not from the time period, but authentic nonetheless: One more thing, look at this zombie from the background, not only is his uniform identical to those winter uniforms, it looks like he's wearing an armband So there you go, maybe I'm just wanting Nazi Zombies to come back too much, but none of the official info we have on zombies dismisses the idea. Thank you for reading!