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  1. mod tools coming to black ops 3!!!!

    Finally i can map for a game with less limits, so pleased about this :)
  2. Kino: The Rebirth By arceus and smasher248 [WIP]

    no me and arc are trying to get it as structurally accurate as possible, the parking lot is just for a helicopter intro
  3. Hi I'm smasher248

    Hi everyone, some of you may know me from other forum sites, most of you... probably not i have been a hardcore zombies fan since the release of der riese back in 2009. As of now i am a custom zombies mapper and am currently creating a remake of kino der toten which can be seen: here my other works include Decontamination, Asylum V2 and the mapper for Gunoftruths: Cyborg mod.
  4. The idea for this map was by tomikaze hi, this will be my forth map(waiting for cyborg mod to be finished so i can release third), it will be a futuristic kino with custom textures and models, the map will be as structurally accurate as possible where as the detail will vary a lot from the original , it might have dogs, and will have moon doors that open when the player or zombie is in range. there will be an extended easter egg. the map will mainly feature mw2 guns(my favorite of all cod weapons) with some bo2/mw3 and the thunder gun/scavenger.
  5. Welcome to the forums smasher248 :)