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  1. Can we discuss about the most annoying deaths in Call of Duty Zombies? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are the most dumbest reason to go down? What is the most 'BS' in going down? Can we have a moment to talk about his? I just finished playing zombies and I was getting juggernug and got myself down with a trap! HUGHHHHHHHHH Thank you Peace
  2. Youtube Video Idea?

    Hello everyone I want to discuss with you guys about something ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I create zombies youtube videos on my channel so far I only have 2 videos Top '5' Maps & Top '4' Cut Perk-a-Colas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I want to create people's attention in creating videos (don't worry I'm not advertising my channel) But I want to ask you guys ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What topic should be my next video? Any topics (about zombies) For example: Top 5 Wall Weapons What would be a topic that you guys think will attract many people? You guys can think ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Example: Top 10 Guns ^^ seems boring but you have my point Thank You Peace After you guys discuss I will create a poll in another post and We'll see which 'Idea' The forum prefer Love you guys
  3. 2nd day on these forums :)

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      Yea I've been here for a couple of years, you never leave, it gets to the point where I check the forums before opening up facebook lol

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