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  1. ZomSquad

    I am wesley aka WAK Fury on Xbox. i hope i can be a helpful part of this community
  2. Ciphers

    Is it it possible to be able to gather all the ciphers,(solved or unsolved) into a central location?
  3. Fundamentals

    yes I do know that if it helps my highs are town 41 kino 40 buried 40 cotd 27 farm 30 der riese 16 .
  4. Hi

    My name is Wesley and I am kinda new but nothing to special.
  5. Nacht early round strat

    any early rund starts for nacht
  6. Early round strat?

    Any early round starts for coop
  7. First room

    Any tips on doing coop first room. Strats, circles
  8. Fundamentals

    I Have recently came across this concept called fundamentals... yes they aren't fun but they make the hard stuff easier . so what are the fundamentals to get to high rounds?
  9. Welcome to the forums wesleykg00 :)