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  1. On the Topic of "Bullying on CODZ"

    Personally I haven't seen any around here but I'm sure it's going on. It always is all over. Glad it's being adressed
  2. Chatroom

    Not like the chat is very active anyway haha. But it is unfortunate. I'm one of the few regulars in there
  3. New Hall of Fame Inductees

    Congrats guys. Tac def deserves mixmaster is a cool dude I don't really know the other guys to speak on them but I'm sure they deserve it as well/ Congratulations. I hope to one day be inducted as well but it's gonna be a few years at least.
  4. How OK are we with remakes?

    I've been trying to post a thread like this the past few days, just re-master the whole WAW game
  5. Finally Joining! Howdy, fellas. I'm NaBrZHunter!

    that's awesome. Welcome aboard man
  6. They Are, They Exist: Zombies Knowledge

    Cool thread man. I really wanna know if origins is cannon. It'd suck if it was all just a dream but I need to know. The gameplay for zombies in general is very fun it wouldn't stop me from playing. And probably wouldn't be the worst thing cause they could just start up a whole new story. But yeah. Cool thread i'll check back regularly
  7. What if there was a game dedicated to zombies?

    I was waiting to see if an old thread would be bumped but I guess we're using this as the official now. I guess we could do the campaign something like Red dead redemption undead army if there had to be one but personally I'd just like all the maps on one game. that'd be great. Considering we pay $15 for 1 map every time a new DLC comes out. There's could be different modes to it too. Like the one I suggested in another thread. where the teleporters are messed up and every few rounds when you go to teleport it teleports you to a different map and you must survive there for x amount of rounds. It'd also be nice (considereing they have every map in the game) to be able to choose your gun set before starting. Say you're playing Nuketown, but you want the guns from Black ops. Or playing Kino and want the guns from WAW. It'd be nice to Choose between WAW, BO1, & BO2 guns.
  8. PAP'd Monkeys so they attract dogs,ect. as well
  9. I'd enjoy it if they brought back the classic guns as well. I've missed the PPSH soo much! MG42 would be great as well
  10. Todays Downtime

    yeah I kept refreshing. just glad it's back on
  11. I got a crazy one, bring back some classic maps but have something wrong with the teleporters so every x amount of rounds when you go to use it you all get teleported to a different map and you gotta survive there for however long. Maybe won't go with the continuity of the story but it'd be pretty cool
  12. Highest round?

    can't tell ya honestly I forgot but it was high 20's then I lagged out That's usually where the connection issues become too strong. Connection on BO2 sucks for some reason cause mine is like pristine on BO1. I'm mainly on BO1 but nuketown is my fav BO2 map
  13. Verruckt zombies co-op stretegy.

    This strategy works every time and has gotten me to my highest level. First things first, you have to start off on the correct side if you're with two people, or if you're with 4 you have to both understand the strategy. But lets just do this for 2 people cause the 4 people variation is just connect the dots after you read this. If you start on the Jug side, immediately start over and keep starting over until you get to the right side. Once you're there kill zombies until round 3 or 4 and open the door and buy the Thompson. once you do that hangout in there until you have enough points to link all the doors until power. turn on the power leaving that back door closed. (you may open if when the box moves if it is behind there) When you're here if you have enough you can hit the box at will and get your perks ect. Now it's time to go back to the jug side. open those stairs and have one person control the front by double tap and the other control the window behind by the trap. There is only two ways they can come in this scenario. Do NOT open that last door. I repeat Do NOT open that last door! (PS you can get your perks anytime you want at this point if you haven't already) Buy your bouncing bettys and place them strategically. some in the back by the door you're not going to open, and all along that strip where the back window is just in case. You can stay in this room each person alternating between taking the front and the window, because the front gets more points and you could base it off who has the best gun ect. If you get overrun with zombies just run over to the trap side by the window turn on the trap and it will kill everything besides the ones coming out of the window. Rinse and repeat you can stay here doing this strategy until round 19-22. at that point you're going to want to open that last door. Once you do Keep the stream of zombies following you. AT MOST only kill have the train. This controls the spawning. None of them will spawn ahead of you because they are all chasing behind you. Rise and repeat until you die.
  14. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    hmm that's interesting. gets me thinking, this not so much a wonder weapon and would prob work better on exo zombies cause of the exo suits but a cloak. Where you appear as a zombies to them for 10-20 seconds each round. They cannot hit you. You can buy it off the wall in place of a bowe knife or knuckles. or it could be in the box in addition to monkeys. There will still be monkeys in there but it will replace the [for example] Molotov cocktail(WAW) EMP(BO) ect.
  15. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    yeah basically they don't stop attacking till the human zombies are killed