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  1. Personally I haven't seen any around here but I'm sure it's going on. It always is all over. Glad it's being adressed
  2. Not like the chat is very active anyway haha. But it is unfortunate. I'm one of the few regulars in there
  3. Alright i'll keep that in mind. And Doesn't matter. Whatever you deem fit. I don't really need the other one and I only posted 4 times on it anyway
  4. Will we ever get girl zombies?
  5. So cool. I just saw it missed my chance to post. That's awesome man. I'd love to play it
  6. i feel you man. I thought about it a lot before joining too. You'll like it here
  7. Congrats guys. Tac def deserves mixmaster is a cool dude I don't really know the other guys to speak on them but I'm sure they deserve it as well/ Congratulations. I hope to one day be inducted as well but it's gonna be a few years at least.
  8. I've been trying to post a thread like this the past few days, just re-master the whole WAW game
  9. that's awesome. Welcome aboard man
  10. Hey man whats up? it's a good place. See you're a fellow PSN player. Not many of those around here. Feel free to add me. I have most the maps on BO2 but I usually play BO1 and WAW
  11. you'll enjoy it here man. Welcome aboard
  12. A clash of clan type game. Where you can Be Samantha or Richtofen and build a zombie empire and infect/take over the world. Slowly taking over citys and towns. Raising the dead ect. Could be fun.
  13. Also the perks are located in cars left behind. It will cost 2500 points to open each car and check in the glove box for the drink. Perks will be random. So it's luck of the draw.
  14. It starts out you're just some average joe in his house when the outbreak happens. Maybe the city is quarantined and you have to fight your way through which could be a thing of it's own. or everyone is just rushing out of the town and it's hectically being filled with zombies. You get in your car and try to drive away but crash. A man pulls you out while still disoriented telling you "we have to fight this things" You two battle through the town/city fighting off hoards of zombies until you reach the point where you meet up with the other 2 people in your group (in online matches the other 2 will be fighting waves of zombies on the other side of the map) [the easter eggs will be to get the cutscenes of when you are saved, and rescue others,ect.] You go into gunshops and pick up guns they we be on the walls. As well as The mystery box will randomly spawn in each gunshop throughout the map. Molotov cocktails will be purchasable in liquor stores in the town. it's just a free roam map. It's still waves. there is still 4 people. it's really about how the zombies effected the normal people in the world. It eventually ends with them all dying but still fun to play and good concept.

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