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  1. Do we want a fair game?

    I'm confused on why this is on the zombie section......
  2. New Tactical Grenade - F.O.R.C.E.Field

    O and by the way the description of this weapon sounds totally bada**
  3. New Tactical Grenade - F.O.R.C.E.Field

    If you've played exo zombies they did have a grenade just liked this and I honeslty thought it was the best thing implemented so please Treyarch add this!
  4. PAPing grenades

    Yeah insta kill works lol It's great if you are playing with a few people you know. It would be much better if the zombie count was higher, but it's good for 20 kills per person, per insta kill. And I take offense to that not thinking of nades on 25. My best solo game was 39 with grenades only ( Warmachine counts right lol). Yeah insta kill works lol It's great if you are playing with a few people you know. It would be much better if the zombie count was higher, but it's good for 20 kills per person, per insta kill. And I take offense to that not thinking of nades on 25. My best solo game was 39 with grenades only ( Warmachine counts right lol). Bruh than you got skills haha
  5. How to fix the story

    The story is definetly not over any to suggest that I truly worry about. The origins ending was a beginning in a way. Treyarch realized how bad they ruined the new 4 story and just ended there's in buried. The origins ending gave us what we wanted but most people took it the wrong way. They found a way to bring it back to the o4 story while keeping every possibly open for the next game. The cutscene was trying to hint that there is many more to come
  6. PAPing grenades

    Yeah insta kill works lol
  7. PAPing grenades

    Did I ever say special grenades? No. I said grenades. Don't tell me that when you're setting up and getting points that you use grenades. Don't tell me on round 25 you still even think about grenades.
  8. PAPing grenades

    This is a good idea considering nobody even uses grenades besides to make crawlers... It would help the gameplay a lot if the grenade could be upgraded from worthless to useful
  9. What do you look forward to the most in a new zombies map?

    Customization, new actually well thought of game modes, new guns,perks, and gameplay mechanics, an Easter egg that is fun, rewarding, and relevant to the story, and good characters
  10. New Buildables!

    1. This is honestly sounds pretty useless and we are not playing paintball 2. The exact same thing as the sliquifier... 3. Are we capturing animals for the zoo? The answer is no and if this is used like I am picturing in my head it would be really OP. 4. A pretty good idea I would like it to be a new type of grenade or something Sorry if I sound too harsh I'm a little critical with Buildables...
  11. Is ANYONE opposed to custom characters?

    As many people have said before... Only in custom games, grief etc. I don't want Billy nobody doing my story Easter eggs which he should not be apart of
  12. The topic of Buildables is a very touchy subject. Many many people don't like them because of the fact that they can be too OP, worthless, or just too tedious to get. I will tell you how they can vastly improve if they return in the next zombie installment. Step 1:The Formula-Mob of the Dead and Origins did great with the formula but how would it work with maps like Buried you ask? I will tell you how. Each Buildable is in the select menu with the name but only one square below it. When you have no parts for the Buildables the square shows a dull picture of the Buildable. When you find a part for let's say the zombie shield, you pick it up and when picked up, you go to the select menu and that square with the picture is a third lit up and says 33% on it(25% with Buildables with 4 parts and so on). You find the last two parts and then the square is completely lit up and says 100%. You go to a work bench, build it, and now it has a check mark on the square. This way your parts can still stack but not flood your select screen. Step 2: No tediousness- don't make the parts too spread out (besides for Buildables like the staves that are really OP). One of the biggest turn offs on Buildables is when it takes 5 minutes to run around the map to build a Buildable. A lot of players don't build them because it takes extra time. If your parts stack and are close by many more people will build them Step 3: Useful- one of the biggest struggles Treyarch has had with Buildables are how to make them balanced. Not OP, not worthless, but useful. You should want to have Buildables like the turbine for your benefit, not be forced to use them just to progress in the map. Here's an example of how I think the turbine should be: It should be your own portable power generator. The Buildable that will get you your perks when ever you want them and not break when after a minute of leaving the area because a freaking zombie can break it! It doesn't break. Opens doors for free but there is still an alternate way too go by spending points (like in the starting room of tranzit, bring that idea farther!). It should definitely not be used for PAP but should be an easier way of doing that. There could also be other special benefits like the turret and electric trap could be stronger with the turbine but not incapable of working without it, that's way too tedious! Now off the subject of the turbine..... Some Buildables I considered worthless (turret, electric trap) because they weren't capable of working without the turbine which ruined the point of them. Others I considered OP (trample steam, head chopper, subsurface resonator) because you really didn't have to even shoot your gun the whole game! A big portion of the OPness is Burieds layout because it completely made the Buildables OP when on a map like Origins they wouldn't be as OP. My fix to this is problem is that in co op you can't have 2 Buildables in a certain radius to each other so 4 people can't have 16 Buildables in the same hallway. In solo is pretty much the same thing you can only pretty much have 1 Buildable at a time because the others will be somewhere else. Also make us choose like in Die Rise the trample wasn't OP at all because you mostly use it to get to the roof and zombies come from all directions so you can't stay in a corner with it. Two Buildables in particular I consider perfectly even. Useful, not OP, not worthless, and these are the Zombie Shield and The Maxis Drone. The Shield guards your back for 20 hits. Not the sides, not the front, the back. Not OP at all. It can be used as a minor distraction to zombies, and is a powerful melee weapon to zombies but doesn't reward points evening it out. The Maxis Drone is quadrator drone or something like that and I honestly wanted this idea for a long time and Treyarch delivered. It kills zombies but not always the ones that are trapping you so it evens out. It revives your teammates which is a great help and encourages teamwork. Another great use to it is it can get you a free PAPED MGO8 which is awesome. Now you're probably wondering what about the staves? Well here you go... The staves were OP in the ultimate form but not really in the normal form balancing out the time to get it. But when you ultimate them they are really OP but it completely balances out for the time to uprgrade them evening out once again Step 4: Make smaller thought out Buildables- infinity ward showed us with extinction that Buildables don't need the most thought in the world they just need to be useful. The pipe bomb is useful even though it is just a stronger grenade.Things like simple Buildable attachments or small weapons. We don't need some crazy thought out ideas to have fun Buildables Now that is all the steps I can remember right now so for this last part I will explain my own Buildable ideas The Oven- this is basically I really strong flamethrower with a really wide radius and slow heat up time. It looks the m60 from BO1 but makes a wildfire Soul Trap/ case- This is set down anywhere and when a zombie passes by, absorbs it's soul into the case killing the zombie. When completely full of souls it can turn your ammo blue and is a little weaker then PAP ammo Ammo maker- sort of like vulture aid but it really slowly gives you extra bullets Robot K9- a Buildable guard dog that goes away after a couple of minutes like the Maxis Drone to recharge Musical Death- plays music that causes zombies to grab their heads and then their heads explode (30 second recharge and 15 second use) Chainsaw- simple. Build it, enjoy! Chainsaw on lawn mower- same as above but attached to a lawn mower that you mow the zombies off your lawn with Ray gun turret- attached to Buildable turret (30 second recharge) Buildable teleporters- u can have two and place them around the map and they work like on all other maps but you choose where you put them Spring boots- double tap a or x and jump over zombies (3 uses a minute) The saver-you can absorb one power up,perk, and gun at a time. You hold x or square on a power up, gun from box or wall, perk machine if you don't want it now and pull out the device and hold x or square to pull out the perk, power up, or gun from box or wall Motion death- looks like the motion sensor but when zombies pass by sends a wide radius energy pulse killing all zombies (45 second recharge) 115 jammer- has 3 uses and lasts from 30 seconds. Makes all zombies in a wide radius freak out and run back to the barriers they came from Clone creater- looks like a predator drone missile case when you pull it out and it creates a copy of you for 30 seconds to fight and distract zombies (5 minute recharge) Murder machine- a giant spiked claw that when you use the trigger swipes and crushes zombies (slow semi automatic but can be upgraded to have a faster rate and hit 3 zombies at once) Comment all your ideas on Buildables that you can think of
  13. The not-so-wonderful weapon discussion

    The only gunpowder gun i could think of that would be pretty cool in zombies is a musket. The only thing that would be bad for having this gun is reload time. Mousket It would be a single shot Ammo- 4/25 When shot the gunpowder catches on fire and the zombie catches on fire. The reloading time is 20 seconds. When shot to reload you would have to take the rod clean the gun, grab the gunpowder, put gunpowder in it, and pull the cocking mechanism back. Pack-a-punched it is called the Mousketeer Ammo change- 6/30 Pack-a-punched attatchments- Bayonet, iron sights, silencer, and i dont know any others it would have. Woah woah woah... 20 seconds in between one shot? Definitely not, that's way too slow and that is a certain death or loss of patience. Maybe 5 seconds at most but this is a video game not real life. There needs to be some unrealisticness to the game or it doesn't work. As for the catching on fire that would be pretty cool
  14. The not-so-wonderful weapon discussion

    Don't have an exact gun but I would like to see a gun that uses gunpowder
  15. How CoD 2015 Should Work?

    I actually think a custom mystery box would be a fantastic idea! Only for custom games so it won't effect leaderboards so why not? The custom character would be cool and of course only for grief etc. I don't want to be doing storyline Easter eggs with Billy Nobody but grief would be cool since at this point we are stuck with no names that don't say anything! On one of my last threads I wanted zombies to modify the idea of the armory but put in zombies, so we could have things like different starting weapons, extra perk slots, more points with shotguns, and just about any small upgrade you think about.