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  1. Solo Easter Egg BROKEN! CANNOT complete! Help!

    Oh my god, gutted I ended it now, thanks for the respons le anyway, guess ill try again tomorrow...
  2. Solo Easter Egg BROKEN! CANNOT complete! Help!

    Oh my god... I left one off to eventually have just 3 on to stop generator zombies hindering me... That still doesnt stop the staff holders blocking the red button, I also never get the blue lights behind the holder after the final staff placement... With the generators on, is it still possible to hit the button with the staff holder in the way? I ended the game so cannot test...
  3. 2 games in a row, When I get to the staff placement step, I place all the staffs in their holders, but they do bot go back to the dig site, they stay in the robots, yet I get the quote for the next step. I decided to try and do the "Rain fire" step, but the staff holder blocks the red button, preventing me from completing the step, and therefore the EE. If I cannot fix this then I will have to give up solo Origins, as without the Easter Egg ammo runs out in the 90s, stopping me from getting my goal of 100, I know people say "use the robots feet" But I still run out of ammo, with the EE completed 100 is possible for me. Please, does anyone know of any fix for this!?
  4. Question about Fire Sales and Max Ammos

    Thanks for the responses guys, I guess ill leave box alone to eliminate sales. Ray Gun Mark 2 is useful for Panzers, but Boomhilda will suffice. It is good how everything needed for high rounds can be gotten without box (staffs, G-strike, Boomhilda)
  5. Im planning to aim for 100 on Origins soon, using the well known Ice staff, wind staff, tank station and EE completed strategy. Most of you will know that Max Ammos are crucial on Origins. Most of you also know that the box is near useless on solo Origins. So if I do not hit the box enough to get the bear, which will not impact my game, Fire Sales will not drop, will this overall increase the chance of Max Ammo dropping? Do drops work that way? For example without a bear, I have a 1/5 chance for Max Ammo, but with fire sale thrown in aswell, it becomes 1/6. So when a drop is dropped, is the drop set and then decided what the drop will be afterwards, or is a zombie guaranteed to drop a certain drop, and thus Fire Sale zombies will simply not drop anything. If its the former, Eliminating fire sale will be beneficial, if its the latter, well, not so much. Does anyone have some hard proof of this? Or and info relating to this? If I can find out if not having Sales really increases Max Ammo chances that would be amazing.
  6. Welcome to the forums PunchAPack :)