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  1. Advanced warfare launch date: Trayarch's checklist

    Sorry I guess I misunderstood the meaning of this thread. The Origins taking 3 hours to set up is doing the Easter Egg, to have Ice and Wind staffs accessible together for Max Ammos. Taking into account most of your comments, I guess a few of my ideas would be either OP, too game changing or not liked by everyone. Whilst the majority arent, Some leaderboard Glitchers are infact rather easy to identify,people who have round 95 Origins with 12 Kills... Or round 100 on any survival map, or round 25555, rounds that are simply impossible to achieve can be removed. Another note, I read in the OP that they need to "continue to not let rank affect how you play" well it bugs me that only bone or crossbone players can buy the Ray gun from the wall, Im shotgun and this really annoys me.
  2. Advanced warfare launch date: Trayarch's checklist

    What Zombies NEEDS: Removal of the 4 perk limit - The most urgent thing, 8 perks only 4 can be bought? Why? OR ill expand on this idea below. Refined Leaderboards - Private matches return, but when someone disconnectes or leaves a game, leaderboards carry on. If you disconnect from a game, you have a 10 minute period where you can join back in with your guns perks and points, and remain on the leaderboards. Glitchers be HEAVILY penalised. First offence - glitched round removed from leaderboards and one "strike against your profile visible to all players. Second offence - ALL your rounds removed, Third offence, Your ability to post to leaderboards is permanently removed. Hackers jump straight to third offence punishment. A saving system, BUT, only usable past round 50, only allowed to save on rounds 50,75,100,110,120,130,140,150 and every 5 rounds after, once you load a save it is deleted if you die it is deleted. High rounds should be doable for everyone, not just people who have a week with nothing to do and 15 hours a day to play. Improved ranking system, keep BO2 ranks IDENTICAL, BUT! Add alongside an extinction-esque levelling system that each prestige adds a point that can be spent on permanent upgrades such as: Insta kill lasts 5 seconds longer Double points lasts 5 seconds longer Ka-boom grants 500 to you instead of 400 Carpenter grants 300 points Max Ammo refills the current clip Start with 8/80 in the pistol rather than 8/32 Start with 1000 points instead of 500 Mystery box price reduced to 900 for you. Perks have 250 points taken off the cost. Perk limit raised to 5/6/7/8/9 (one point spent raises limit by one) All of these would be available by max level, no choosing which to buy and which to miss out on, max prestige will allow enough points for all upgrades (I think these arent too game changing but give an incentive to level up and prestige, anything like "start with jugg" or the like would be too OP) Survival maps return, with classic wonder weapons: Farm- Thundergun Bus Depot- Winters Howl Nuketown - Wunderwaffe Town - Scavenger/Thundergun. OR see the above wonder weapons return in some fashion. MUCH more in depth custom games: Start on any round up to 100 Start with any amount of points Start with any guns Set which perks /Pap are available on the map. / ALL disconnected from leaderboards Much more in depth stat tracking: Stats such as: Times mystery box used Times each box gun recieved Times each wall gun bought Times each gun papped Times each perk bought Kills on each map Downs on each map (Maybe map specific ranks) Total points earned/spent. This thing should be as in depth as GTA V's stat tracking. All a players stats are viewable by pressing dpad right on their name in the lobby, you will be able to see how good they are, if they box spam, if they have any glitching "strikes" Things zombies does NOT want: Rediculous wonder weapons Origins-esque wonder weapons (3 hours to set up for a solo?) Zombies dying out (no crawler keeping) Stupid perks (Whos who? -.-) Buildables (MY OPINION, I hated them) People quitting games (I know nothing can be done, but...) Turned Grief maps that arent also survival maps (No Cell block survival? Borough?) Electric Cherry causing solo players to get stuck upon death Atlantis or any underwater map, seriously Youtubers, stop with this BS idea. Second bus route-esque theories (I know this isnt Treyarchs fault but this is SO annoying how people believe that BS) Please take into account these are all MY OPINION. People may disagree, and thts fine. Feel free to improve/constructively criticise any of these ideas!
  3. Good idea for Zombie's merchandise

    Perk bottles with drinkable drinks in. Would buy one of each perk. Life size wonder weapon replicas like the wave gun that was at CoD XP
  4. Solo Easter Egg BROKEN! CANNOT complete! Help!

    Oh my god, gutted I ended it now, thanks for the respons le anyway, guess ill try again tomorrow...
  5. Solo Easter Egg BROKEN! CANNOT complete! Help!

    Oh my god... I left one off to eventually have just 3 on to stop generator zombies hindering me... That still doesnt stop the staff holders blocking the red button, I also never get the blue lights behind the holder after the final staff placement... With the generators on, is it still possible to hit the button with the staff holder in the way? I ended the game so cannot test...
  6. 2 games in a row, When I get to the staff placement step, I place all the staffs in their holders, but they do bot go back to the dig site, they stay in the robots, yet I get the quote for the next step. I decided to try and do the "Rain fire" step, but the staff holder blocks the red button, preventing me from completing the step, and therefore the EE. If I cannot fix this then I will have to give up solo Origins, as without the Easter Egg ammo runs out in the 90s, stopping me from getting my goal of 100, I know people say "use the robots feet" But I still run out of ammo, with the EE completed 100 is possible for me. Please, does anyone know of any fix for this!?
  7. Question about Fire Sales and Max Ammos

    Thanks for the responses guys, I guess ill leave box alone to eliminate sales. Ray Gun Mark 2 is useful for Panzers, but Boomhilda will suffice. It is good how everything needed for high rounds can be gotten without box (staffs, G-strike, Boomhilda)
  8. Im planning to aim for 100 on Origins soon, using the well known Ice staff, wind staff, tank station and EE completed strategy. Most of you will know that Max Ammos are crucial on Origins. Most of you also know that the box is near useless on solo Origins. So if I do not hit the box enough to get the bear, which will not impact my game, Fire Sales will not drop, will this overall increase the chance of Max Ammo dropping? Do drops work that way? For example without a bear, I have a 1/5 chance for Max Ammo, but with fire sale thrown in aswell, it becomes 1/6. So when a drop is dropped, is the drop set and then decided what the drop will be afterwards, or is a zombie guaranteed to drop a certain drop, and thus Fire Sale zombies will simply not drop anything. If its the former, Eliminating fire sale will be beneficial, if its the latter, well, not so much. Does anyone have some hard proof of this? Or and info relating to this? If I can find out if not having Sales really increases Max Ammo chances that would be amazing.
  9. Welcome to the forums PunchAPack :)