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  1. I think ive read almost every zombie comic at the local barnes and nobles by now

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    2. Tattoo247


      I didn't know that was a comic, I remember watching the anime on Netflix or Hulu but it was only half a season...I was pretty impressed with the story and there wasn't the slightest hint of pornography :/

      It's not a comic, but you could real "zombie survival guide" by Max Brooks. It's set up as a military manual with awesome "documented" zombie outbreaks from as far back as the medieval times.

    3. ZombieOfTheDead


      "Wasn't the slightest hint of pornography"

      Dat bathhouse episode, tho.

      Also, going off of what tattoo said, also read World War Z by Max Brooks. Much different from the movie, and one of my favorite books.

    4. Black Hand Smith

      Black Hand Smith

      If i was stranded on an island i would definitely choose world war z as the only book to have on me.