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  1. Anyone Good at Voice acting? GeekComm is a channel started by a few friends and since then they have been making Gameplay videos and weapon tutorials for zombies. They need a new voice actor for the weapon guides since the old voice actor "Switched Professions" for the 30th time. If you are interested tell them black hand smith sent ya https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMoOGVdRxEmPrs-GtGANq_A

    1. Flammenwerfer


      Sounds like someone needs a good dose of Vitamin Flammen.

    2. InfestLithium


      I dub Flammen's orgasmic voice for this.

    3. Z0mbie1337


      Z0mbie here (One of the creators of GeekComm's gun guides). If anybody is interested in voice acting for us then please contact either me (@Z0mbie1337) or Lucas (@fruckbatt) on Twitter. We're looking for someone with who has a good voice and who is very reliable. We enjoy making the guides and would love to continue making them.