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  1. borderlands 2 gameshare

    will someone please gameshare borderlands 2 season pass and/or and dlc packages i can return mirrors edge some black ops 2 dlc and the final dlc for black ops 1 my psn username is XsorburaX
  2. Is the EE solved yet?

    it looks like he was playing solo because no one was watching the crawler and no player arrows was on the top of the screen but it could be that the other players arrows were on the sides or bottom and if the raygun was the cause he would of been pointing it down and would have downed himself
  3. Is the EE solved yet?

    i found a video on youtube which was very hard to find of a person seeing green lights on the teleporter and the pad its not very good quality looks like he used his cell phone  
  4. Welcome to the forums WunderwaffeDG-2 :)