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  1. Zombie Memes

    OMG. My sides. Memes are amazing especially zombie memes hehe. :D
  2. Who is "Eddie"?

    How is Sam trapped in the other world if she wasn't born yet?
  3. Zombie Memes

  4. Zombie Memes

    I love memes, guy please post more!
  5. Origins Highest Round

    owo I gotta play with you.
  6. *Undead's Art Thread*

    Colors: (Please don't do all the colors, these are just colors I like) Text: MidNightGaymer - Kenni Specific Render?(characters, etc): Dr. Richtofen, AL, Marlton, Jugg, Speed Cola Theme?: Scary/Awesome, Neon Font?: Artist Suggestion Extra Thoughts: Hmm, pretty colors?
  7. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Solo: n/a 2 Players: 17-20 3 Players: N/A 4 Players: 20-29
  8. Origins Highest Round

    Solo: N/A 2 Players: 11-13 3 Players: 14-16 4 Players: 18-20
  9. What Guns Are Good At Round 50+?

    Pack-A-Punch: HMR (Headshots) RPD (Headshots) Ray Gun I or II (Although I'm so sick of pack a punching the freaking Ray Gun's I'm done) Galil (Headshots) This game is just about having powerful bullets and ammo, perks would be nice too. Jugg, Speed Cola, Double Tap, (Electric Cherry if I'm being picky, but Mule Kick, or Deadshot)
  10. Highest Round on Buried!

    Solo: 20 2-Players: 17-19 3-Players: 20-25 4-Players: Highest was 29 - 32