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  1. Rules. (post some of yours)

    My rules:  Rule 0: It's just a friggin' game Rule 1: That said, at least try Rule 2: Stay the hell out of my window or you're not getting revived later on Rule 3: The Dibs system must be respected in regards to the free Blundergat in Mob Rule 4: Wait to grab the max ammo unless you're surrounded and have no choice/out of ammo Rule 5: GET THE HELL OFF MY STAGE! (Kino) Rule 6: Understand that no matter who hit the box, it would've been the Teddy regardless Rule 7: As long as you're having fun, who cares what round you get to? Rule 8: Bring your knives, bring your headshots, but so help me don't forget about your monkeys Rule 9: Wait until the end of the game for MVP bragging rights Rule 10: If you're a jerk to me and yet I still revive you, understand it was for the points, not you Rule 11: SERIOUSLY, GTFO MY WINDOW!
  2. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    This thread seems dead, rather unfortunate. Maybe this will revive discussion since I believe S4 has finished filming, I'm hoping for a trailer soon.