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  1. [DECODED] "Where Are We Going" Secret Message?

    I wrote a bit about this in a thread of my own. I looked at the Zombies wikipedia and discovered that all the four characters status is "Dead (Alive After Purgatory)". What I found out about Purgatory is that to some it is a place after death to decide your final destination. Heaven or Hell. I always thought the sentence "Where are we going from here?" and "Where do we go?" pretty much sums up the story. In the beginning (Intro of the map) they have decided to make a run for it, to leave this place. But something i obviously wrong, hence the whole "Where are we going from here?" together with the fact that they actually die before we begin. The other song should also get some recognition. Johnny Cash's Rusty Cage. You wired me awake, And hit me with a hand of broken nails. You tied my lead and pulled my chain, To watch my blood begin to boil. But I'm gonna break, I'm gonna break my, Gonna break my rusty cage and run. I'm gonna break, I'm gonna break my, Gonna break my rusty cage and run. Who this is towards to I do not know. First of I thought it could be some general bashing against the Warden, but little is known about him. What seems most likely, which I saw at NGT Zombies walkthrough after I posted my thread, is that its towards Arthur, Al, the weasel. Or it may just be some kind of chant and hope to the players and characters giving us the feeling "Let's pummle through this shit!" I just found myself rambling on, I easily lose track. :D