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  1. Double Tap 2?

    The M1216 PAp'd with DT 2 literally vaporizes a whole group of zombies (15-20) in one burst up to round 30.
  2. Double Tap 2?

    A) Watch NGTZombies video on this: Try DT with M1911 in first ten rounds, it actually kicks ass, especially with Knuckles C) ADS with a sniper and pull the trigger, you can see 2 bullet trajectories, confirming ADS as well as hipfire advantages. Overall, in my opinion, this is the best thing added to zombies. Also, don't qoute me on this, but I'm pretty sure DT does affect Ray Gun.
  3. How to find the end of the Tranzit Easter Egg

    I have a full bank and haven't played in weeks (Far Cry took the spotlight). Came back on today... nothing new. Richtofen side completed about 2 months ago.
  4. Your best zombie map idea?

    I'm lovin the ideas but keep in mind, the more open a map is the less challenging it becomes, i.e. Green Run.
  5. Maybe A Post From Treyarch? Hint?!

    Back to an old theory... x-ray = mms, while infared = thermal. Maybe 3 guns need to be obtained by multiple people : PaP 5'7's, mtar, and dsr?
  6. Maybe A Post From Treyarch? Hint?!

    has anyone tried to complete the easter egg with the "magic" option turned off? what wold drop from the tower?
  7. Maybe A Post From Treyarch? Hint?!

    "without me, you will be blinded" Could it be the sun?