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  1. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Meh, Element 115 does some strange things to people... Notice how the O4 aged, But only very slightly, due to their exposure to 115.. Just throwing it out there..
  2. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Kino was before CotD.. At least thats what I thought.. Before it chronologically and In game.. As far ad Shangri-la, what shows that we went back in time? I think this sums it up: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=11967 He makes a pretty valid point. I ran back through that map not too long ago actually, and remember seeing the tings he mentions above, such as the radios, etc. Perhaps, and I know it sounds silly, but maybe wherever that is, is just a few years, maybe a decade or less, behind the U.S. in technology. So assuming we never left modern day, it Further backs your ideas of GR, and GLF being future, along with Nuketown Zombies. Also, I work with a minimum of 5 people that use a calculator watch.. Two are legitimately using it, the others are following trends/fads. Thoughts?
  3. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    So I was thinking earlier today, yes, I know, its as bad as it sounds! But I came to a thought that made me feel MUCH better about this story/timeline fiasco. We teleported to the future for CotD, yes? We never went back in time. We stayed in the present/future from there on out. Not sure if that is exactly what you were going for MMX, but I thought it was worth a share. Not sure exactly how it will all fit, but it seemed legit
  4. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Also I know my tone wasn't so polite a couple times. I hope it has been cleared up that I am only adamant about the subject, and not upset at the poster, or at all actually. MMX, I urge you to read that thread if you haven't. Honestly, I do not believe that it was Richtofen. Example being, if you were a voice in someone's head trying to control them, and they started hearing another voice, wouldn't you play it off by acting like it was you? I know I would. I implore you to check that thread out. Again, I like the way you tied everything together. Still some things left uncertain, but negligible to the naked eye. I'll pm you later with my findings, I'm on my iPhone right now.. Supposed to be working! Hahaha Great post also Zombo!!!
  5. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Agreed. I have pushed all personal thoughts out of my head, and if you simply use logical deduction, you can infer that we are sometime where there ARE indeed "future," soldiers. Their gear seems quite consistent with that of today, but as there is no coalition between any of the afore mentioned nations, we cannot be sure as to date other than post-2013. I'm sorry, but no. If you would please read the afore mentioned thread I linked. I don't want to double post, so if you read that, there is great ideas flying around in there!! It is, as I said, undeniable that colors have an extremely meaningful influence in this game referencing characters in play. That is fact. Richtofen's influence is not purple, it is foolhardy to think it. However, I am pleased with the revision you have posted, and think it is a great rework. A substantial amount of it is very pleasing, and thanks for tossing in about the Bus Driver and the Tunnel! Great work, and lets keep trucking!!
  6. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    If you actually look at it, in game, it can be very hard to see. Extremely actually, but there is certainly something there. Then when you take a further gander into theatre mode, you can clearly read what is depicted above. Personally, I think it says "Colorado 1980," Also, if the Earth went into a state of nuclear fog, it would take likely several decades to clear. Explaining why Green Run is still extremely foggy, and GLF is less so. Decades, being nearly 30 years into the future from Green Run to GLF with the Vril-ya taking the N4 to Die Rise so Stulinger can, "Mend the rift." It is undeniable that color referenced influence plays a huge role in Zombies. Maxis; Richtofen; Samantha; ?Vril-ya? (see: viewtopic.php?f=103&t=28533 ) So if indeed this is the case, that would explain your paradox for the location and time during the move. Also, just to revert back to near future, lets say 2010-2020 decade for Die Rise, It also explains the less vast amount of fog. Also, the Vril-ya need the rift mended, because Argatha is their home. It is within the earth, explaining why they need it mended here: Thank you PINNAZ for posting that on your photobucket, it is the only useable photo from Google! Take note to the bottom left graphic. Depicted is the Post-Apocalyptic Earth, breaking apart.. Maybe the Rift needing mended is in fact something wrong with the Earth, and the Vril-ya have enlisted Stulinger and the rest of the crew to help them from the surface! Richtofen no longer wishes to hear the voices, (Vril-ya) and wants us to help him destroy them, and the rest of the world! It IS in his sadistic nature! If any of you have anything to input about Vril-ya, please reply it to the above linked thread! I thouhght is somewhat intertwines with this, being a story layout!
  7. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Don't forget the addition of Perk-A-Cola Tombstone, which you had earlier in the previous paragraph 41. I'm sorry, this Futuristic Fridge... I looked at it last night... My 6-7 year old Garmin GPS for my car tells me the date, time, traffic, there is a weather section, its touch screen, AND it tells me MY exact location, AND how to get places, with spoken directions!! Wooo, SOO futurustic!!! must have fell out of Marty McFly's pocket! C'mon, just because no one has simply DONE a small screen like this in a refrigerator for mas consumers, doesn't mean it HAS to be futuristic. So the thinking here: seems silly. Topic at hand. MMX, Although there are still heavy hitters out here that disagree with the bulk of your argument, I read through, and like the changes you have made. Though some of them are thin, to someone without an expansive knowledge of the game can read this, and still not get lost. Just a couple other things I would like to see either better researched, which I will try to do myself, are the Denizens. We do have an in game quote from Marlton saying that one has escaped to breed! And a little further elaboration as to why the Bus Driver is now simply circling Green Run, being that is GPS malfunctioned after driving through the tunnel the first time. Your story, I like this.If I have any POSITIVE input for the storyline, not just speculation, I will continue to post. I dont care if you use my words,or put your own panache on it. I just want to see a timeline and story ALL will accept, be proud of, and excited to read, and reread.
  8. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Thanks Lithium for clearing that up! I would also say that is extremely futuristic, well played. Also, I would like to know if anywhere in campaign we encounter things like these, or even if we encounter a high rise building, like in GLF. If so, then possibly they are reusing textures, but at the same time, it would seem as though they are purposely bringing us into the future with these findings. If anyone has info regarding campaign with reference to this matter, please let me know, before I gruel through endless bots that have perfect accuracy. P.s. Not to be overbearing, but the fact that the same exact fridge is used in two different places affirms that they always reuse texture. But of course, it is a given, cant have unique everything or we would over-analyze the SH*T out of this game! :lol:
  9. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I've explored this map quite a bit, not only in game, but in theatre also, and haven't seen this fridge you speak of to be futuristic.. If you could give a location, or even a screenshot of said fridge, I would be quite content with it. I would like to find it in game, or see it, to find it in game, and make my own decisions on it, as I'm sure many other would, if they haven't seen it. Reused texture is all over the map! From simple things, like doors, to HUGE things, did you not see the tower pictures PINNAZ posted? The reuse textures all the time!! A perfect example is in NTZ Yellow House, with the Chessboard on the table. It is the exact same as the chessboard in Samantha's bedroom from Kino! I wouldn't say to write these things off, because everything in this game, and theories have relevance, but to ignore that they reuse textures, is simply silly. I haven't played the campaign, but I will if I have to in order to scour that game to find the poster for that makeup company. If it is in there, I would say that all 3 of your proposed evidence pieces are simply reused texture in order to resolve this. I only want to help progress, not impede it. I simply wont stand idly by and swallow this when there are points to the contrary. Surely you see them, and I implore you to look to alternate thinking with an open mind.
  10. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    MMX, you definitely got me here: Yet as for the scrawled note talking about the power of element 115, Tac, you cannot easily say that would or should be the case, simply because its torn off. I mean, we see what's written, yes, but there are small indicators that the writing goes on near the tear marks. Also, punctuation is used, and then not in the very next sentence, where the questions lies. Just saying its improbable. Also MMX, I don't see examples of long lasting companies as LAW that companies have to wait ten years to put an "established date," on their own label. Either way, my argument is busted. Honestly, I would STILL say early 2010-2020 is our timeline for GLF. Just throwing things out there. Nice work on the Transmissions from the EE too BTW MurderMachine! And again I agree with Tac about the "Law," discussion.
  11. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    If you read my statement, I agreed with that. I said it is hard to believe that they are in the future, as MMX's animated timeline suggests. I know. I read PINNAZ's thread about the Jin Mao Tower being finished and opened on August 28th, 1998. Again, I agreed if you had read my post. I do not think so. What you're saying is every time we had a map change, there was no time change? I know you've read the original post, you contributed. It lays it out IN THE OP that there were time changes almost EVERY time we teleported to a new map. I was using Marlton as a reference to the timeline of NTZ and Moon being early '60's. Again, I was agreeing with what you are saying. I would like to point out for all what I believe: Moon/NTZ~1960-63 Green Run~1980's (because the buildings, busses, cars, semi trucks, and Marlton's calculator watch) Great Leap Forward~early 2000-2010's (because of the Jin Mao Tower, the Posters, and some of the other various items around the map that point this direction) Again, feel free to tear me up, I LOVE IT! Gets me to think differently.
  12. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    @MMX: I can agree with your statement of taking in game voice with a grain of salt. Yet at the same time, it usually has something pertinent to do with the story. I solely based my statement with hard evidence. On to the vaporous Element 115. I can agree that in order for a solid to turn into vapor, an extreme temperature change would have to occur. Perhaps one of the drastic state of say, a set of Nuclear Rockets, impacting the Earth? MMX, E115 is indeed a strange element, and quite ranging in its effects. It wouldn't be so hard to think the extreme heats of the rockets hitting the earth caused E115 deposits across the globe to be sublimated, and therefore begin animating corpses around the world. That would make it an epidemic, seemingly disease-like in nature. I love that this is a story, but I think we really need to focus on timeline here... That is somewhat of the bigger issue at hand. I like that you are trying to get away from our initial idea that Green Run is '80's timeframe. But you're basing it on the fact that a sign in GLF says "Since 1996." Making the generalization that companies only put that after Decades of success, is simply untrue. my Brother's friend owns a homemade soda company, and it says "Since 2010," but we are not in the year 2030 in this very moment. Also, previously in this thread regarding timeline, you made a statement saying that Richtofen wouldn't make a move through time along with location... That goes against every location move we have EVER made in this game... Just think of Call of the Dead, we jumped to present day, and then right back to mid 20th century... So it isn't hard to believe that it may only be very late 20th century, or early 21st century, circa 2000-2010 decade. I would say it is a little drastic to say it HAS to be 2030-2045 timeframe in GLF, and 2025 in NTZ and Moon. It simply doesn't fit. the NTZ map is NOT the blown up version of NT 2025, it is that of the BO1 NT multiplayer map. Just saying if you say its this far in the future, then you run into huge questions of why so long of a wait? Because Maxis was waiting for decades, meaning 20+ years? that could simply be from '40's to 60's, or '60's to '80's to find a group that he could rely on in helping him foil Dr. Richtofen's plans. I just think there are many other ways to put a linear timeline to this other than drastically and blindly saying that is has to be in 2035-2045. However, it is your thread, and your theory on how and when the storyline plays out, so feel free to think I'm an *ss and cast aside my thoughts. (Though I don't think thats your persona). Please feel free to shred my ideas to pieces, just gives me reason to find alternate thinking. That's what I'm all about, alternate paths, new ways to think about things. Simply that, thoughts :idea:
  13. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Agreed then? What we're dealing with now is slightly different than before. We just need to do research and find out Not true. Here is In-Game dialogue said by Dr. Edward Richtofen throughout various maps: Der Riese: "So many body parts! I am in HEAVEN!!"— After gibbing a zombie "Look at all the body parts. Someone get me a bag!"— After blowing up a group of zombies Kino der Toten: "I take your pain, I put my straw in it, *slurping noises* AND I DRINK IT UP!"— Upon getting a kill. "Tiny little organ parts for everybody!"— Killing a zombie with explosives "It's tearing my shins! Delicious!"— When attacked by a crawler. "Yes, now their kidneys will be all MINE! But none for you, Dempsey!"— After buying a M14 off the wall. Ascension: "The insides of your head are delicious!"— After getting a headshot Shi No Numa: "I'll swallow your spleen raw!"— After killing a zombie monkey Moon: "Enough spleen for everyone! Wunderbar!"— When killing several Zombies with a frag grenade "The... Doctor... is... almost... out... of... SPLEENS!"— When taking the P.E.S off outside From the above, many of which I personally heard, and researched, we can summarize the idea that he has in fact ingested Zombie Flesh. I'm never one to tell people they are wrong, as many times I have myself been wrong, but I simply like the evidence to be brought out. The aforementioned quotes are my reasoning for thinking he ate Zombie Flesh. Now, as for the airborne Element 115. Like we stated previous to this, it simply cannot be that element 115 is turning people into Zombies. As for some reaction going on inside Zombies, maybe something happens after a long period of time inside them that has the ability to turn people. Unless you are talking about an airborne version of a metallic element that is floating around, reanimating the corpses of the dead all around the world. This I will buy, for much more than a dollar. The only questionable aspect is that of how would a metallic element become airborne.. It's just a little difficult to swallow that aspect, IMO. I think this is going in a great direction.. Any other ideas?
  14. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I don't think simply ingesting Zombie flesh turns you, let alone exposure to 115. Lets look at some facts: -Teleportation: 115 is required and used. -Wunder Weapons: Integrated with 115 -PaP'd Weapons: Modified by 115 -Killing Zombies: Releases 115 into the air The list can go on, and on, but as we just sit and reflect we see that the O4 and N4 and anyone else in contact would have been turned by Element 115. This simply cannot be. I think we are getting away from the basics!!! Element 115 REANIMATES dead cells. Not takes over living ones turning them into Zombies! C'mon people, we're making facts up to suit theories! Ingesting Zombie flesh is something that we know Richtofen to have done also, which magnified the voices in his head. Now Stulinger is hearing voices in HIS head, other than Richtofen's! Now, if we want to theorize about how this condition is spreading, Maybe something can be thought along the lines that something is happening within Zombie carrion and 115 inside them, creating a strain of something different than an element that is floating through the air infecting normal people. We're getting away from the basics a little too much.. Honestly, I love where this is going, but we can't deviate too far too fast with saying things are a certain way, when earlier in our story, they are factually different.
  15. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    First, I would have to agree with PINNAZ, and do NOT change your timeline yet.. Of some of the tings being talked about recently, we know Richtofen is capable of time travel, right? So it shouldn't be hard to swallow that Richtofen may have taken the N4 to Great Leap Forward AND through time to a later date than Green Run. Some believe Green Run to be after Nuketown, but it can't be far after, because Marlton is in the Bunker there. Also, People have seen the calculator watch he wears, signifying that it was sometime after the '80's. Maybe it's just to personify his nerdy attributes, but i dont think Treyarch to be that simple minded. I would say maybe just wait out a little bit, and see where further research takes us.