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  1. Maxis EE Step Proved Wrong!

    interesting fir those who havnt watched it it shows misty shooting the ballistic knives not reviving anyone. shoots at floor on balcony, nothing shoots at wall still on balcony, nothing goes onto the floor, no balcony, shoots down and Maxis starts speaking two things we thought nessesary are not? 1. stu needs the knives 2. we must revive russman what does this say abiut the ee itself?
  2. Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    Here is all I am wondering. What about the two sides? From what I've seen and read I assume there are 2 sides to this easter egg. 2 seperate easter eggs maybe. Do you need to do the maxis side if you've done the other? Because in the video he said he turned the power on and off Then used turbines to power the lamps. What about richtofens side where you leave power on?