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    The bike is at one of the house's garage if you threw a nade at the house before opening, the bike might be into peices already. Don't throw them until you found the bike. Also i dont think the bike itself might be the target,, maybe something we can see aroud the bike area... Last i find it funny that only in original the teddy bear " song" works there is definetively an ee here.
  2. Written Guide to Tower of Babble EE - Updated for 2 players

    I havent completed the whole richtofen ee, but on a attempt, i was samuel and i didnt have to break the jet gun to hear the next step. i was attacked when the JG was almost at the redline and stopped, waited to go below the red line, did it again and he started asking for the 115... The way i see it, metals have heat conductivity properties and because of this you dont need to blow the weapon, just let it get to the redline, wait a bit and finish the job.
  3. Numbers in Green Run Question

    c72-29 green van 03-AB005 sedan garage XP-79 bus Also 1 and 2 on the garage doors at the diner. (Maybe 2-3)
  4. The Missing Steps: What we were missing

    After building the table the first time, does it stays there forever? The pieces re-spawn? Can you build a second navcard table?
  5. Multiple EE continuation myths debunked. Confirmed bus 2

    Cant until next week when new ps3 arrives... Bo2(and 3 years of playing) killed my ps3...
  6. Multiple EE continuation myths debunked. Confirmed bus 2

    Search for a line that says pile in, teleporters work for the whole team, not just an individual...
  7. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    I posted a link on another thread that i saw a model bumerang with knifes and saws in it.it was kick ass and very zombie-slaying apropriate. Name boom-a-rang You can use it as a knife or throw. If in between two zombies you cut them both by using both hands in the middle and pushing foward! After many rounds it falls to th ground after hitting x zombies and you'd have to retrieve it. Lasers or shooting blades (spikemore) coming out after PaP ing Could even be a buildable, adding first the knives and so on. A slight variation would be a very naughty frisbee... They can even coexist , the frisbee being like a tactical granade and you have 3 that chops everything in the way. Bad part, only 3 and if the zombie is not in the direct way, he wont even be hurt.
  8. Its called whos that lady, part 1... Prt 2 soon to come. It talks about the way she says things, hints her background and shows a little green light that lights up after pushing the door lock on the riot shield.
  9. Take a ride on the TranZit Bus! Delivery 8. New footage.

    It would be great if you could carry two or more diferent front attachments and they have diferent result, example the same basic hardware that supports a slow loading/acting powerful gun or a much faster, less powerful weapon.
  10. Take a ride on the TranZit Bus! Delivery 8. New footage.

    I think the light is a charge indicator and it will serve among other things to get the two perks before turning the power achievement.