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  1. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    Sorry if this idea is already taken, I just didn't want to have to read all of the comments. Anyhow, the wunder weapon that I am thinking of is something completely different. How about a flaming sword that you can get from the Mystery Box that replaces your Knife/Bowie Knife that instant-kills zombies up to Round 30, and after that round, it would severly damage and light zombies on fire when they are hit with it. And unlike the Knife/Bowie Knife, the Fire Sword would never stab, it would only slash. And as for a name.... How does Wrath of Prometheus sound? And another thought- if you happen to come across this weapon again while going to the Mystery Box, you coud dual-wield these swords, making you slash twice as fast. Think of this as a low-budget Pack-A-Punch'ing mechanism.
  2. Perk-a-Colas

    Shadow Cocktail Cost: 3500 Flavour: Black Licorice Description: If you go to a dark area, zombies will not be able to find you, as your body has taken on a darker color. Soothing Scotch Cost: 4000 Flavour: Scotch Description: Relaxes your muscles, and makes you 50% more resistant to damage. (Great to combine with Juggernog) But, it also makes you sprint at 75% of your normal speed.
  3. Perk-a-Colas

    This idea does sound quite creative, but there are several things wrong with this idea.... 1. What if you get Deadshot? No refunds? I'd end up downing myself and having my partner revive me JUST TO GET RID OF Deadshot, if it were the only perk I had. 2. 3000 is a bit pricey, considering that there is only 1 perk that costs more than 3000 points. If this were ever put into CoD Zombies, I'd say 2000 is a good price, kind of like a Mystery Box-Style deal.