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  1. Duty or Onii-Chan?

    I'm planning on going on a review marathon of The Call of Duty series. All I have troubling is How to Start the Marathon. My friend told me CoDs 1-3 don't matter and therefore do not count. I don't actually have to play Finest Hour ever again? YES!!! However, I can't start reviewing Call of Duty without introducing Call of Duty. So here's an idea: I can either review the Summary of Call of Duty so new-bloods can get to know the action they're getting into. OR I can review a parody based on the anime meme "Call of Onii-Chan: Imouto Warfare". Either way, the review after will be Modern Warfare. Since I've never reviewed a CoD before 2016, I should be able to take a look at 4 and Remastered all in one video. And if there are no further remasters, all other CoDs will be reviewed in the order each were made. The Question is Duty or Onii-Chan? I'll also ask DeviantArt, Twitter, and YouTube later this year. And I'll see you guys wherever you may find me. See ya!
  2. There's no doubt everybody, from The Fan Communities to Thr Studio, Loves Nacht Der Untoten, Aka: The First Map of Nazi Zombies! I have made noticeable discoveries about this map... 1. It Was The First Map in "World At War" 2. It Came Back in The Final DLC of "Black Ops" 3. Tranzit Was So Big, "Black Ops II" Thought It Would Bring The First Map Back 4. Nacht Returns in Revelations As The Final Map for "Black Ops III" I bet you anything, Nacht will return to Treyarch's Next Call of Duty game as a In-Game Map (Not DLC)! The thing is, that move would not surprise me. This forum is to bring in great ideas for what they could do for this Map in their next game. My idea was they would add in more playing field of the Map...make it similar to it's inspirational structure from The Campaign or The Multiplayer Map. Another thought I had in mind was bringing back The 1.0 Versions of The Crew. If they could do that to the Map, that would be beautiful. Unless they show what they have to work with, I'm all out of ideas. But this idea for this Map would be amazing for Their 10th Anniversary of Nazi Zombies.
  3. Illuminatti115 + Call of Duty (1-3)

    Call of Duty, possibly one of the most famous FPS games out there. Even if you're really not a big fan of the general series, you have to at least heard the name before. First-Person-Shooters usually get people to think of Battlefield or Halo. Call of Duty is special because it has three developers working with Activision: Treyarch, Infinity Warf, and Sledgehammer Games. For this topic, I'll review what I can for the first CoDs. I don't know much of the games, but they are considered to be Non-cannon. I won't be able to review Black Ops III, I will wait until every DLC has been sent. That said, let's start this reviewing marathon with the first three that started it all. PLOT Call of Duty 1-3 take place within the events of WWII. Back then, there weren't any futuristic parkour Exo-Skeletons neither did they bring up Vietnam or Cuba. Within three games in a row, it has been World War II. Sure, the games each have their own storylines, but I either didn't care or couldn't play to see through the ending. CoD, or Finest Hour, are impossible for me to play without rage quitting or dying. My PS2 couldn't play the second CoD because I'd need the fat PS2. I remember playing CoD 3, but nothing story wise is remember able. All that you should know is that Treyarch has a serious addiction to WWII. I could add one more game to review, but the graphics and gameplay feel completely different. GAMEPLAY Dear GOD, THESE HAVE TO BE THE WORST CONTROL MECHANICS I HAVE EVER F**KING PLAYED IN A COD!!! Finest Hour has different controls that scream Bullsh*t and can easily get you killed! Not to mention that the game has health packs and have health bars. Think of it as Halo, except you have to heal manually! I don't remember much of CoD 3, but it has better mechanics and controls than CoD. The Missions are forgetful, except that gawd damn Nazi Flag on that gawd damn Hill, F**KING HATE FINEST HOUR!!! MISSIONS I honestly don't remember or don't give a damn! GRAPHICS All three games look the same. I don't think you can tell the difference between 1 and 3. However, you can tell the difference between 3 and 4. But at least they're not horrible. MUSIC I really can't remember a single track from any of the three games. FINAL JUDGEMENT I can't recommend any of the three CoDs to anyone. But if you are sleightly curious, I could recommend CoD 3, it's a much better experience out of the entire trilogy. The next CoD I review will be much better than this! Illuminatti115 + Call of Duty = F**K OFF!!! Illuminatti115 + Call of Duty 2 = ? Illuminatti115 + Call of Duty 3 = Ok Game.
  4. I am considering reviewing ALL (or most) Call of Duty games that have been made. I'll save Black Ops III until all DLCs are out and ready. Due to my technical issues and memories, I may review all 3 CoDs at once (These include CoD: Finest Hour, CoD2: Big Red One, & CoD3)! After that, the rest will be reviewed separately. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need a lot of it.

  5. Maxis Saga Chapter 13: The Factory

    Damn! That DG is op to anything I send at him! Damn you Richtofen! Oh Shit, the American found the Pack-a-Punch machine! The DG became the ultimate God of Artillery, Richtofen was invincible! There was no other choice, I had to send some of Fluffy's pups whenever they used the teleporter. They plan to leave Der Reise using the teleporter. The weapon was too powerful for the teleporter to handle. They lost the DG during the tunnel, but now I can't find the group nor the weapon. Where on Earth did they go!? As the world changed, I fell back asleep and began to dream. Next time on The Maxis Saga...Chapter 14: The Second Dream.
  6. The following story is a part of the series I'm writing: Destiny's Journey. Illuminatti115, Soul Hunter, Black Skull, Doktor Death, Dark Dante, Shadow Girl, and others are owned by me. Call of Duty Zombies, Dante's Inferno, and others are owned by their perspective owners. Please support the official release (later, not soon). Previously on my story, I had lost my two daughters to that angel known as Doktor Death. Somehow, I had woken up in the twenty-first century in Hell. Lucifer had made a deal with me and my youngest daughter: I will find my daughters a lot easier if I became his apprentice and learn these new demonic powers. The first power I learned comes from the people. My daughter is teaching me how to identify souls and see clearly. It was easy to memorize. The souls that are colored from red to black are demons. The souls that are from blue to white are angels. The souls that are yellow are humans, but the sinned ones are colored orange. And the souls that are green are actually zombies. My daughter runs through some sort of device that helps her control the Aether. Out of human imagination, she decided to call herself Samantha. Poor girl, she had two thousand years to keep control and keep the corpses from becoming the living dead. And she can't let anything distract her, she could never have the time to search for her other sisters. And finally, she had to spend two thousand years alone, with no one to be with her. That angel is going to pay, dearly! The second power I learned comes from the world itself. From the Air, I can push my enemies far like a tornado or a hurricane. From the Earth, I can summon earthquakes and control how big or small the impact will be. And from the Fire, I can summon volcano eruptions and make the fires grow. These powers were a little harder than I expected. The person who trained me is The Antichrist. He is not only playing as the butler of Lucifer, but he was also the commander of the demonic army back in the Final Battle of Har-Mageddon. Over the past several decades, he has taken many forms as a human dictator which includes Adolf Hitler. He's made many historical crimes from Lincoln's assassination to 9/11. He will follow any and every order Lucifer commands. The third power I learned comes from my senses. These are harder than you think. The False Prophet taught me how to manipulate my own senses, extend what I feel already. I can hear thoughts of every soul I fight, except Angels. I can change my voice from demonic neutral to monsterous deep. When I touch any element, I can feel exactly where my enemies are located. The only scent I can smell is gasoline, I'll know whether someone will try to set a bomb or a missile on me. And my mind is able to call any demon and have conversations or give orders only from my mind. The False Prophet was once an excellent partner to the Antichrist. He once fed humans with major lies such as He has abandoned them or the Antichrist was Him. Nowadays, he is known as Zalgo CreepyPasta. He creates false stories and places them in his website called The CreepyPasta. These stories include imagery which spread fear into the hearts of men. Poor demon, he's gotten so low, he is no longer a demon anybody can recognize without explanation. The last part I learned wasn't actually a power, but how to wield swords. No one else could have trained me how to fight swords other than Lucifer himself. Once I passed, he lend me the most powerful demonic sword that no demon has ever held before, The Sword of The Illuminati. There are two kinds of Illuminati: Angels and Demons. The Angelic Illuminati are groups of humans keeping biblical secrets from the rest of humanity. The Demonic Illuminati are not only the demons humans are used to, but they have been Lucifer's apprentices for many years. The sword accepts me, I am now an Illuminati. Lucifer has a better backstory than anybody else. He was once a beautiful angel who stood by Him before Man was born. In fact, he tried to make his own human himself. He called his first human Lilleth. An angel killed her during the process. Outrage, Lucifer started hating the sight of these humans. He lead an army of fallen angels to fight against Him. He failed and was cast out of Heaven for all eternity. He had sworn to take revenge. When he got out of his one-thousand years pit, he took another look at the humans and decided to protect them from any other angel like Doktor Death. "Good work, my apprentice." Lucifer spoke. "These powers are stronger than I imagined. A powerful Demon King you will become. Heads forth, you shall be known as Illuminatti...115." "Yes, my master." I bowed. "Rise, my apprentice." Lucifer spoke. "I have no assignments for now. You are now free to go to the surface and search for your daughters. Any insolence from you-" "There won't be." I stood. "Very good." Lucifer turned to the window. "When I call for you, come here immediately." "As you wish, my master." I left. At last, free from training. And now the choice is yours: -Do I search for my daughters? OR -Do I search for my murderer? The story is written by your choice...
  7. Maxis Saga Chapter 12: The Swamp

    The Doctor has gained coordinates to Tunguska and Area 51. That's not what concerned me. Edward has his test subjects being told what to do, thinking he was the good guy. What really had me worried was the DG-2 Wunderwaffe. This lightning tool was far too powerful to be just an ordinary weapon. Edward could use this power to open the Aether and replace my control with his. I couldn't allow that to happen. Quickily, I had Fluffy send her puppies to play with the group. Just as I feared, the DG was too powerful for the pups to handle. Even worse, the group is heading to the factory. There's a clean-up I have to do to get the group ready for the next round. Next Time on The Maxis Saga...Chapter 13: The Factory.
  8. The following story is a part of the series I'm writing: Destiny's Journey. Illuminatti115, Soul Hunter, Black Skull, Doktor Death, Dark Dante, Shadow Girl, and others are own by me. Call of Duty Zombies, Dante's Inferno, and others are own by their perspective owners. Please support the official release (later, not soon). My name is Job, you may of heard of me from the bible known as The Book of Job. Some of you are used to the truth always turning upside down. Now, it's going to happen again. In the bible, it saids that Lucifer makes a bet with God that if I lose everything, I would lose faith in him. I had a wife, three daughters, seven sons, many servants, a farm, and a house. Lucifer took everything from me. That much is true, but the bible states that I still had faith in The Lord. I saw my daughters in the desert. Aside them was an angel dressed in black, wearing a bird mask. This angel had black wings and a huge sword. He killed my youngest daughter. I was going to kill him, but he snatched my eyes from me. I couldn't see. I heard screams from my other daughters. Did he kill them!? I was punching in front of me, hoping to hit him. That bastard, he chopped off my arm and pierced his sword in my chest. It's hot, I can feel the heat. I tried to move, but I felt bars and chains. I was chained in a cage! I heard foot steps marching loud. I heard creatures yelling and laughing. I heard people crying and screaming in pain. I couldn't see, I still didn't have eyes nor an arm. I heard a powerful voice. "Shut the F**k up stupid apes!" He shouted. "If you wish to remain eternity in this part of Hell peacefully, then f**king shut up!" I heard a small object fall inside my cage. Once I felt it with my hand, it was a rock. "Who's there?" I heard a voice. "Please, breathe into this rock." I did as the sweet voice asked. She sounded familiar. "Is that really you?" "Hey!" The powerful voice yelled near me. "Where the F**k did you get that rock!? Give it here this instant!" "Don't listen to that demon!" The voice spoke quick. "Eat this rock, hurry!" How could I eat a rock, I knew there was no time for questions. So I did as the voice told me. I shoved the rock down my throat. "You Idiot!" The powerful voice yelled. "Why must these humans always disobey me!?" What the F**k? I could see? Barely see, everything was blurry and misty. I saw figures in different colors. They were in the shape of people. All were blue, but the nearest person was dark red. Wait, the voice called the other person "demon", is this person the demon? "I knew it was you Daddy!" The voice cheered. Daddy? "Oh Daddy, it's good to be with you again!" "You filth! You will pay for your disobedience!" The demon yelled. "Quick Daddy, punch him with all your strength!" She yelled. I did as she told me. The demon was flying backwards towards the wall on the other side of this room. Strange, how did I get this strength? And what did she mean by "Daddy"? No, could she be one of my daughters? "Grr..." The demon stood up. "Beginner's luck, but I was just going easy on you!" "Stop F**king around." Entered another figure. This person was the darkest red I've ever seen. "The Dark Lord would like to see this man." The demon was looking at me. "Like I said, beginner's luck. Come with us." "Go with them. It's alright now." The voice said. I demons took me to the central room, it had a desk, a fire place, a massive view outside...a tower? A tower of Hell? There was also a three headed animal growling at me. With that kind of growling, I can assume its a dog. "His name is Cerberus." Said a voice near the door. This figure was black. If he's a demon, then he's the most powerful one of all. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lucifer." What!? "Or would you prefer me The Devil? The Accussor? I have a lot of names. The demons you're sensing are my pets: The False Prophet and The Antichrist." "Sense?" I asked. "The darkest red demon you see as a shadow is the Antichrist, the strongest demon I have...until you arrived." Lucifer explained. "I'm a..." I started. "Wait, What?" "You're a demon." Lucifer continued. "No other humans can sense souls like we can." "But how?" I asked. "Is this you're doing? This strength? This...this sense thing?" Lucifer stayed quiet for a while. He looked out the window. "Explain it to him." "Daddy?" The voice spoke. "This may take a while. An ancient spell existed a long time ago, a spell that could turn a group of corpses into an undead army. This spell was sealed by both kinds and sent the spell out into far space. And it returned a few years ago. This spell is under control by a person strong enough to hold this pressure." "What pressure?" I asked. "The Aether." She continued. "I am controlling the spell, keeping it from corrupting more corpses and causing the undead out of control. Although, we can't call it a spell now. By 1940, they started calling this Element 115." "1940?" I asked. "It's the twenty-first century now Daddy." She said. "We've been dead for nearly two thousand years." "Two thousand!?" I asked. "Jesus F**king Christ, it's like this guy can't take a hint." The False Prophet spoke. "Can't we just tell him that he was a demon with amnesia and have him think that for all eternity!?" "We do not lie to our own kind." The Antichrist spoke. "Job, your daughters are still alive." "WHAT THE F**K DID YOU SAY!!?" I grabbed him by the throat. "Doktor Death has appeared again." Lucifer spoke. "I have an opportunity for you. An opportunity that is rare for humans to come by. There is a way to find your girls and murder Doktor Death, the black angel who brought you here." "Anything!" I yelled. "I don't care if I have to sell my soul, I'm a dead man anyway! Please, help me!" Lucifer looks at me. "You don't have to do that nasty thing. That wouldn't work anyway. What I require might help you, but you must also do what I say, when I say." "Yeah, whatever!" I nodded. Lucifer smiles. "With that power, you would be perfect. Job, become The next Illuminati! Become a demon even more powerful than my pets and me! Become...my Apprentice!" DJ, why do you like to do this? He likes to put the inFAMOUS strategies in these stories. So it's up to you fans: When I become The Devil's Apprentice... -Do I Search for my Daughters? OR -Do I Hunt Down the Bastard?
  9. During my training with this power, I was force to sleep every once in a while. The Demon would always wake me when he found Edward. Within my dreams, I could see anything from past to future and from different perspectives. My first dream was an American soldier who had a family in his country and a friend in ours. When he got the news he was missing, the soldier volunteered to rescue the secret agent. However, the plane was shot down and the eight soldiers were split into two groups. I could see the surviving group in a foggy battlefield. My dream ended in the hospital. The Demon had told me where he is. I thought it was time to play an old game with a "girl's best friend". Next time on The Maxis Saga...Chapter 12: The Swamp!
  10. Maxis Saga

    Sorry, I don't know how. But whoever did this to the saga, thanks. Chapter 10 is out now, and they'll be more coming soon.
  11. How Zombies Should Have ended............

    Not much of a HISHE, but at least there is something like this. But regardless, it's technically the same ending with a small twist.
  12. Maxis Saga Chapter 10: The Path

    Back on Earth, I could sense something. There were three towers around the world. It's Daddy! I can sense him somewhere inside the machine. A soul living as a computer. Perhaps these towers of the past could be my future in terms of returning to reality. Only two people stand in my way between me and Agartha: That doctor, Edward! Not only did he survive my wrath, but he also makes a group of the same people he knew from the labs...maybe someplace else too. And sadly my own daddy. I know I shouldn't think of him as my enemy, but he lives in a machine. Surely he's meant to meet up with a glitch or a virus sometime. Either way, better safe than sorry. I have a feeling facing the two will not be an easy task. Next time on the Maxis Saga...Chapter 11: First Dream.
  13. Maxis Saga

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9
  14. Anime Chat and Recommendations

    I've got five recommendations of anime (some you might have already seen) 1. Angel Beats 2. Soul Eater 3. El Cazador de la bruja 4. Black Butler 5. Murder Princess I have already seen 60 anime shows, Dragon Ball Z & Black Rock Shooter included. I've already made a list of my own, but not enough to go on. Perhaps you can suggest me any shows if you can think outside the box.
  15. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    Bubbles? No offence, but that is the dumbest idea I've ever heard.