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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    I recommend not posting map suggestions in this topic as no-body knows the full zombie storyline. If you did/do and it has been confirmed by Treyarch that you do, then go ahead. I'm just trying to save you guys time. They know what they want from future games (storyline/map wise) but they want us to make the game itself better. Just saying. I guess you could give settings and idea's for things in a map, but don't go overboard with writing the storyline for the map and things like that, leave that to Treyarch. :)
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    I recommend spending more time on the coding of zombies. I am certain that a lot of Treyarch employees have seen video's of ridiculouslly high rounds simply because you can run in a goddamned circle. It's ridiculous. I think that Treyarch should produce zombie coding in which there's a factor of randomness put into the path of the zombies, otherwise it just gets boring ridiculouslly quickly. Note: I also think that there should be a third tier to the PaP machine (I.e. PaP a PaP'd gun to make it ultra PaP ^.^), P.s. And proper boss rounds would be nice. P.p.s. I'm gonna keep editing this post to include more things if I think of any improvements.