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  1. The idea of Pro Perks is somewhat stimulating, and would bring a new angle/addition to the game. If Pro Perks were to be implemented, strong consideration of the effects of upgrading to 'Pro' and challenges/objectives to upgrade is necessary; as it could potentially destroy core of the game i.e. the simplistic nature of Perks is what makes them not too OP, but, when bought, do help the player(s) out. Love, love, love the idea of 'Quick Revive Pro' in multiplayer, as the downed player (who may have revived other players, in total, 20 times) is rewarded for their consideration and 'team' effort. Fucking love it. Perhaps could even get an extra "Self-Revive" at like 20 revives or something. - One problem that Treyarch should counter-argue is that it would be hard to discourage or ensure players that they do not purposely go down to get the 'Pro' perk, so perhaps other objectives could be considered. All other Perks and objectives would, obviously, need to be discussed and tailored to a "potentially-destroying-core-free" criteria which Treyarch would do. Oh yeah, and finally: 150 kills isn't hard, but good starting point. Great ideas bro, well played.
  2. I agree with your idea joeyoh9292, as the concept of "rape training" is monotonous and effortless, which does not add a sense of suspense to zombies. However, Superhands, to a degree, is right also. "Rape training" is what gets people to high rounds and the majority of the community and "elite" zombie players do it, as it is the only means of getting to high rounds. So, perhaps Treyarch should code zombies to not allow "rape trains" from say, round 1-20 or something? That could be interesting. And lukefacekilla, you're also right. A lot of people did not respond too lightly to the George Romero implementation due to how (fucking) annoying he can be at times i.e. Romero getting hit by the radius of a Scavenger/Infra-Dead shot, or a team mate accidentally shooting him which results in him chasing after everyone. Some may argue that the free perk and Wunderwaffe outweighs the potential annoyance Romero can create, which, sadly, I am one of those who believes in this analysis. Control over Romero sometimes made the game more fun/added suspense or a sense of urgency, and then, of course, getting a free perk and Wunderwaffe from him was a charm. However, Romero with 4 players was an absolute nightmare, which in this case I would agree with you, lukefacekilla. With 3/4 players it was more likely he'd get accidentally hit, and was shockingly difficult to kill him; so in this case, I would not be in favour of another Romero like boss. However, we always have to consider the good and the bad sides of having a Romero figure, weighing up whether his implementation was good or bad. I believe with 2 players, Romero wasn't as annoying and was a lot easier to kill, therefore his implementation served a just cause. And Zombieofthedead, you've got the idea. It's the subtle and minor changes to a zombies persona and physicality (like the barrel-roll in Ascension) that give zombies that extra difference in character from map to map, which is exactly what we're looking for. Not a reinvention of zombies itself.
  3. I'm new to this, so don't go mental. Keeping the same from WaW/Black Ops (obvious core content): - Characters on most of the maps, obviously (to sustain the storyline) - Perks (All 8) - Pack 'a' Punch, obviously - Engaging, stimulating and story based side-quests (i.e. Easter Eggs) - Wall Weapons - Zombie health (i.e. keeping the same formula, having Difficulties on zombies would defeat the purpose of a round based game) - Rounds, obviously - Boss rounds every 3/4/5 or so rounds, or a George Romero like zombie, or just anything to break up the rounds so it doesn't feel too repetitive - Ability to gain a free perk via Romero or something else - Reviving team mates - Drops - Kevin Sherwood made great music (e.g. '115' and 'Abracadavre') which suited the play of zombies, but major label bands i.e. Avenge Sevenfold's appearance in Call of the Dead was incredible so make sure to keep breaking up the music flow with other artists/appearance's (oh, and by the way, Eminem and Pink in "FIVE" was absolutely fucking amazing) - Balance of relatively open spaces, and narrow paths. E.g. running away from a sticky situation in a narrow hallway, but being somewhat more relieved to find yourself in an open spaces. - Most importantly, developing the story-line using subtle messages/hints via radios, easter eggs and other gimmicks that we, as players, have to scavenge for (which we love discovering and finding), because if I speak for a majority of the community, zombie story-line is HUGELY important etc. These are all the things that Treyarch know are the key core to making a great game. New things to consider for the next game (that are realistic and wouldn't destroy the game's core): - Pack 'a' Punch Bloodline (look around YouTube if you do not know what this is), or something of some relation that would mean that Pack 'a' Punching your weapon is not the end of weapon up-grading. - Obviously, new perks. One that I suggest is the Perk Slot drink i.e. A perk (worth around 6000 perhaps) you drink which comes up with a blank Perk at the bottom of your screen where the perks are located, so if a player had the maximum of 4 perks, they could buy this perk and have another perk slot fitted (obviously limits will have to be implemented etc). - New zombie bosses that aren't necessarily waves of another specie i.e. One zombie (of different specie) that comes every so rounds which requires your whole team to take down. - (Random) Moveable structures to break up the passivity of the map e.g. moving staircases or lowering bridge. - Shangri La's scene change (i.e. the Eclipse) was amazing, have something of similar nature/or moving to another map for a longer duration than just short teleportations in the new maps, as that idea was amazing. - More (as you've being doing already, Treyarch) inventive ways for the zombies to breach the map and attack us, it's more scary and raises the tension. - Inspirational Wonder Weapons, which I'm sure you'll be able to find on this forum as some of the members on here have some decent ideas that are realistic (can't list them and I wouldn't do the detail of the gun justice). - Purchasable attachments (this one's kinda edgy but could sorta maybe perhaps work) such as under-barrel, flamethrower etc (or make it the result of Pack 'a' Punch like we've seen before with assault rifles). - Ability to see, during public matches, lobby players' highest round/high-score on all maps, not just the one you're in the lobby for; so we, as players, can get more of an idea of who we're playing with, and just for general interest. Or perhaps consider profiles for zombie players, however that may disrupt core game (i.e. simplistic nature of a zombie lobby is fine as it is). Basically, anything new that doesn't disrupt core gameplay is what we, as the community, are looking for. THIS bit, is for the forum (and if Treyarch are reading this, a chance to see what others have suggested... which I, and hopefully you, disapprove of) Things the community suggested that would destroy core gameplay: - Perks to restore ammo. ... really? - Buyable ending. No. For custom maps? Yes. For zombies with a round based core and continuous story-line? No. - More than one, amazing wonder-weapon for more than one players (i.e. 2 players with Thunderguns). Though, it was good for Call of the Dead due to the fact that one wonder-weapon had power, and the other more strategic team based advantages (perhaps could see a return of that?) - Buyable drops. Again, really? The whole point of drops is that they're random, and at high rounds they're in scarcity which makes it more FUN. - Powerful weapons on the wall. Good for custom games, not for zombies. - Guns on the floor with random ammo and free of charge. Interesting idea to consider but perhaps lays, again, within custom zombie maps. If this was implemented within Treyarch's zombie maps, it would start to feel more like a campaign mission, not a game where weapons are for purchase. Thank you for reading, feel free to critically comment. Apologies for any spelling or grammatical mistakes, can't be arsed to look through.

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