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  1. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    -sniffle- ;_; we're not important enough. lmao
  2. What do you hate most about MW2?

    Alright - I'm going to go over all of these and justify some of them. 1) Campers - There is a perfect level of game play required with a mix of camping and movement.. without either you will die either instantaneously or get no kills what so ever. 2)Over Powered Guns - Come on, really? ALL of the guns kill in exactly 2-4hits(2 for head, 3 for direct body, 4 for skimmed shots and no stopping power/fmj or even through a wall) and I'm fairly certain this is EXTREMELY realistic... Just putting that out there. 3) Noob Tubers - Realistic for people to tube, but unrealistic to spawn kill and stuff like that. Also the OMA automatic refill is a bitch and unrealistic move. 4) Over Powered Killstreaks - Really?... Just.. really?.. They are all perfectly balanced with defence and attack in each and every way... [Kill streaks] UAV - 3 (Can be shot down) Care Pack - 4 (can be shot down AND stolen)**Considerably cheap since the chopper ac130 and EMP are in it Counter UAV - 4(can be shot down) Sentry - 5 (can be destroyed) Pred - 5 (can be avoided) **some what cheap but not completely Prec Airstrike - 6 (its an airstrike as in all of the COD's..) Harr Strike - 7 (can be destroyed in 1 hit) **This has more atk but less defense atk helicopter - 7 (can be destroyed in 2 hits) **This has less atk but more defense Emrg drop - 8 (can be stolen quite easily and usually rather bad drops) pave low - 9 (shot down in 2-3 shots I believe and rather slow killing) stealth b - 9 (unable to see the airstrike on your minimap) chopper - 11 (2 shots, strong mobile attack that tracks enemies) ac130 - 11 (3 or 4 shots, strong explosive but rather unreliable movement and positioning) emp - 15 (nothing amazing) tact nuke - 25 (deserved if earned with the right type of game play, and honestly you deserve to get nuked if you didn't try your hardest to HUNT THEM DOWN AND KILL THEM or especially didn't even NOTICE they were going for a nuke) Personally I have NEVER got'n nuked except by friendlies. So please tell me how ANY of these balanced killstreaks are in any way OP'd 5) DeathStreaks - Not over powered except for painkiller/marty really. 6) UP snipers - COMPLETELY agreeable, I would LOVE for someone to still be moving from ANY gunshot especially a sniper that would quite literally RIP YOU IN HALF. 7) Glitchers/Hackers - they try their hardest to stop them, BO wasn't that badly glitched or hacked.. I'm sure they'll be 310% better on MW3 8)No dedicated servers - is a good thing because they will NEVER have a server in EVERY state, thus biasing game play towards whoever is closest to the server because lag is just distance from the server. 9) Short/Boring Campaign - that's opinion, play a different game if you want a different story. Personally I love it. 10) Spec Ops - What is possibly not to like about it? Plus it has multiplayer capabilities.. Call Of Duty may be one of the many retards in a race for the game to be the best of all the other games, but hey, we're still the winner and most perfected.
  3. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    It will at the rate I see this site growing.. Trust me, one admin isn't really the best idea lol.. He can't cover everything.
  4. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    I love you
  5. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    My name is second from the top, you can barely make it out but it's still proof. Level 37.