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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    I don't know if this has been said allready or not, but I'll say it again... There needs to be some way to intagrate guns from other games, that we werent able to enjoy (ex. AK47, M60) and guns from the box in W@W that we lost in the change over to BO (MG-42, PPSH, Browning) into the new zombie maps. It would probably end up happening as a DLC where you'd buy maybe a "W@W Weapon Pack" and all of the W@W box weapons would be available during gameplay. I don't know about you guys, but I'd kill to get my hands on a PPSH and a MG42 again.
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    It irritates me that Takeo doesn't seem to get credit as the awsome character he is. I would love to see Takeo's origin story. Like a souped up SNN before the outbreak got out of hand, and the characters would be Takeo and three other Japanese soldiers. Another thing I'd like to see... (don't flame me for this) is Zombie Spec Ops. Not like MW3 spec ops, but I would really like a MW2 style mission, where you go and do objectives. (ex. Some german soldiers stationed in Der Reise, just before the outbreak gets out of hand, and they are running around trying to destroy data because they can't risk the Allies discovering their tec, kill major scientists, and get rid of prototype weapons (which may or may not be used) all while fighting off zombies
  3. Watch the trailer... You can hear him talking multiple times. "Here they come!" "Hang in there! We're working on getting the power on!" "There everywhere!" If you pause at 0:43, you'll see him. He's the one shooting zombies with the BAR
  4. No, Verruckt deffenetly happens before SNN... If you listen to the CoTD Radios, you learn that Tank Dempsy was one of the marines at Verruckt, and was the only survivor. He was captured by nazis (living ones), and taken to DR where he was experimented on. The 115 made him lose his memory, and that's how Tank, "Subject N3WB" (Takeo), and "The Russian Subject" (Nikolia), were first brought together.
  5. The Pentagon Thief Solved

    I really think that the Thief is Yuri. 1st of all, no one knows what he looks like, so there is no evedence saying it isn't him. 2nd, If you listen to the ascension radios, it sounds like Yuri is sucked into the Gersh Device when he accidentally lets the zombies in. I think this is when he "dies" and is re-animated by Sam while they are in Aether. If you believe that the teleporters send you through Aether, then it's a simple connection that he would leave Aether through a teleporter (or a gersh device). Don't forget that Ascension and Five are happening simultaniously...
  6. The Pentagon Thief Solved

    That could be possible, staying in America for over 15 years is pretty dedicated, though, especially if there aren't responses from 935. I think it's more likely he was captured and put to work, like other nazi scientists. Nazi scientists weren't captured and put to work, "Project/Operation Paperclip" just brought them from Germany, and they were promised immunity from thier war crimes if they would work for the U.S. That's how we got our space program started, and beat the Russians in the Space Race...