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  1. 2 pro perks in 1 (sacrafice required)

    How about a video.. no idea what area you're talking about. And by dolphin dive, you mean diving into prone?
  2. How did you find out about Zombies Mode?

    I worked (briefly) on Nazi Zombies for WaW. Heh. Was very, very hard to keep my mouth shut after the game released and not tell anyone about it. I really don't think Treyarch knew what they were sitting on as far as a successful game mode it would be. I was hooked.
  3. Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    Pretty sure the PHD is just a tease, since it's a flat image and not actually a machine. You can look at it with the millimeter scanner and see that it's flat, i believe.
  4. Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    Has anyone tried this while using JUST persistent jugg, and not combining it with normal Juggernog? I really feel like once you pass 15, it's gone. If i'm right i'll make a video later on. It doesn't make sense that you would hear the sound but keep the perk.
  5. <NEW FIND> Double Insta-Kill???!!!!

    Huh... that video makes things a lot different in my eyes. Do they only explode into blood when knifed? What about when shot?
  6. <NEW FIND> Double Insta-Kill???!!!!

    I still think it's just a bug. :P
  7. <NEW FIND> Double Insta-Kill???!!!!

    When they fix bugs like this (we're all pretty sure that the beams are just a bug, i believe) sometimes they don't manage to get in a fix across all game modes. Most people i talk to don't know this, but after the last patch for BO1 added Mule Kick to all of the maps, it only added them in single and multiplayer. I played with a friend at my place over LAN and the Mule Kick just isn't there on any level. They never included the update to include LAN matches. LAN gets no love. :(
  8. <NEW FIND> Double Insta-Kill???!!!!

    Apparently PS3 has not yet received a patch, as we don't get the DLC till a month later. The pre-DLC patch usually comes out about a week or two before the relase of the actual new content. Usually updates the leaderboards and adds the new trophies and such.
  9. <NEW FIND> Double Insta-Kill???!!!!

    I'm willing to bet this is the results of a timing specific bug of some sorts.. these things end up happening. Sorta like how the zombie_tazer_knuckles thing was just some left over debug text from a situation that wasn't supposed to really be possible in retail gameplay. You got this to happen on Xbox i take it? Could be a side effect of the patch that you guys got, to go along with the whole 'new' zombie dying behaviour. lvl 99 and 0 kills and all that. Still.. interesting if it is something, not that double-insta kill really makes any sense.
  10. Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    21 by myself. Gonna break that record tonight!