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  1. The State of the Community...

    Honestly I still like our community here how its been and think its always been very welcoming and nice to other people.
  2. All zombie helmets and how to get them

    Not all the helmets and you also don't have the correct methods for all for them (Shadow Mans hat is not obtained in the way you stated its actually much different and you can be hit).
  3. Monty is the Devil.

    Shadowman is also the one who started this apocalypse. I believe in all honesty based on what we know right now is this is a case of a Lesser of two evils scenario. That being said Monty also said that the Shadowman was once a really nice guy and his friend before the Apothicans got to him and screwed him up. Now he is their messenger and Harbinger of Destruction.
  4. Why did the Shadowman create a tesseract?

    I would like to say that its abundantly clear that where ever 115 is located is a place that the Apothicons can reach. It appears that its considered their link to that dimension. That would also be why they are sending it to other dimensions. If it exists there then they can have substantial influence in that dimension as a product from their own dimension would now exist in that other plane of existence.
  5. Theories on Gorod Krovi Easter Egg Cutscene.

    They may make an extra DLC featuring zombie map remakes but I doubt we will get a zombies only dlc as the next one as they've already done hinting at some mp stuff for the next dlc.
  6. Theories on Gorod Krovi Easter Egg Cutscene.

    Staffs yes I can see that but I will bet you my account that you will not see EVERY perk in that map. Its not possible and has never happened before. Some of those perks don't have a reason to be around as their made essentially null by certain gumballs.
  7. Theories on Gorod Krovi Easter Egg Cutscene.

    I think your hoping for to much there. Also a map only ever has 9 perks on it and there are more than 9 perks.
  8. Real Purpose of the Summoning Key Revealed?

    I understand that but I think its just us expecting him to troll us or something. So really we are setting ourselves for that too.
  9. Real Purpose of the Summoning Key Revealed?

    Blundell told Milo in his interview to give Richtofen a chance when Milo called him evil and told him that he is trying to redeem himself for all that he has done. I'm willing to give him the chance. Seems like Monty is the one to beware of honestly based on whats going on and that Monty might be afraid of the fact that he can't monitor Richtofen so he doesn't like him. He only needed him to execute his own plan so far while Richtofen is trying to set things completely right.
  10. Theories on Gorod Krovi Easter Egg Cutscene.

    Tired of hearing about Egypt just like Tac and tired of people begging for it so much. We got a Atlantis like place in freaking AW I don't need it in this zombies. Catering to fans map idea's is not always good honestly.
  11. All Ciphers

    My grandfather was a analyst for the U.S. during WW2. Sadly he passed away last year and he was the one I used to have me help decrypt these things. If someone has a relative who had the same job then we could probably get these answered faster as they usually didn't have a key to decrypt things like this in those days.
  12. Der Eisendrache - Main Easter Egg

    Okay just needed the proof is all.
  13. Der Eisendrache - Main Easter Egg

    I'm not doubting that but as you know from our experience here in zombies its just best not to assume things is all.
  14. Der Eisendrache - Main Easter Egg

    Are we just assuming that because we can do all those steps solo (as far as we know) or has anyone actually shown proof that they have done it solo?
  15. Der Eisendrache - Main Easter Egg

    Saw what you said in the other. While its possible in solo thats got to be like crazy considering the recharge time of the spikes is just ridiculous.