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  1. Logo, I got bored.

    So who's gonna show this to Carbon? ;p
  2. Logo, I got bored.

    Thank you :)
  3. Logo, I got bored.

    Thank you and nice reference ;p
  4. Logo, I got bored.

    Thank you and yes I did.
  5. Logo, I got bored.

    I got bored so I just made this logo for fun...
  6. How far have you gotten?

    Solo like 6 or 8? And online with random 10...I need people who know what they are doing and have mics. :p
  7. Your emblem

    Captain America shield.
  8. Will you be buying MW3?

    Yeah I probably will.
  9. Customization

    I would like to see customization to the clothes, accessories like tattoos, wristbands, gloves etc.