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  1. Professional Ascension Zombie Squad Teammate Finder Here!

    59 on Ascension with two people. Sn0wmanPacino-xbl send me a message with your strat if you could.
  2. How Far Have you Gotten?

    since this is a topic on how far have you gotten I will make a new topic tonight when I get out of class @ 930 pm est. I can answer all of ur questions and then some hopefully on this topic.
  3. How Far Have you Gotten?

    @way 2 go made it to fifty nine last night after 9.5 hours of trappin our asses off. ammo should never be a problem because we just kept buying mp5k ammo(for points not to kill cuz they are too strong). My buddy used thundergun/mp5 and i had raygun/mp5. thundergun is for when you mess up running around and monkeys.ray gun for makin the last two crawlers to give urself a break and monkeys. dont wanna sound like i got all answers but i went rounds 40-44 without firing one raygun..just kept buying mp5 ammo and hitting traps. we have the number of traps needed for each round down to a science er more like a math equation for finding the number of zombies in every round. another thing i found is that in later rounds you need to accumulate a crap load of points before you get powerups (45+). thats where mp5 comes into play. something like 12 traps on 45...so you build up a bunch of points and the last two hordes get "gersch'd". we did this every couple rounds and were getting 2-3 powerups everytime. last three zombie runs were with 2 players private match XBOXlive. 50,56,59. *edit* my buddy nate finished with 780k for points and i had a measly 511k