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  1. Classic Maps put into Map-Pack for Black Ops.

    Hardened edition is exactly the same price as the normal version, still Activision should make the classic maps available at the same time as MP4 as well as a map pack bundle like WAW.
  2. Polishing the WAW Easter Egg (Peter)

    Maybe the guy hanging isn't Peter or Teddy its Peters handler Cornelius who sent the message to Shi No Numa.
  3. Power Switches

    I like it, it mixes things up a little.
  4. Best Friends...

  5. AK47: lets finally debate this!

    What would be the point of adding it now, they should of had it as an Ascension exclusive as it is a Russian map and the AK-47 is Russian. The M60 would not transfer well into zombies, obviously its powerful but the mobility would be terrible and it would be horrible at close range.
  6. They teleport to paradise, shangri la. We also hear eliphant noises in COTD, pointing them to being teleported there. I'm positive that this is after everything, that they're all in order. I don't believe at all that this is like pulp fiction. I agree, all the maps have been in order.
  7. Im pretty sure they were at Shangri-La last because they are described as going to 'Paradise' after the easter egg on Call of the Dead and they mention Gersch while they are at Call of the Dead which means they went from Ascension to Call of the Dead to Shangri-La.
  8. No-clip Call of The Dead

    Thanks, he didn't check the place im thinking of though.
  9. No-clip Call of The Dead

    Has anyone no-clipped into certain inaccessible parts of the ships, like that part near the MP40 where you can drop down to get to the spawn/shore and on your left is like an open door. Its always intrigued me.
  10. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    I'll be off on my own now, other people need toilets watched. Stay human.
  11. Nations from WWII

  12. We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    I know im probably a little late but you should have a range for dogs, hell hound pictures and such.
  13. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    No ray, that makes my job harder. Anyone got any security cameras?
  14. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    I was reading magazines in the toilet and when I picked up Better Homes and Gardens the toilet became electrified and teleported me to the airport, just thought I would tell you.
  15. Codz off topic zombie barricade!