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  1. Anyone remember me?

    exciting development: 2 of the people I used to play with contacted me and we are planning on playing together when bo3 comes out. watch out boys we comin for the leaderboards
  2. Anyone remember me?

    im getting back into it with bo3, and im skipping bo2. i didnt like tranzit when bo2 first came out, so i quit playing
  3. Anyone remember me?

    Hey guys. I used to play zombies nonstop back in black ops 1, I quit when bo2 came out because I didn't really like the direction zombies was going at the time. I was pretty active on here and so I was wondering if anyone remembered me. I used to stream here: twitch.tv/jacob404 (not advertising, I literally don't stream anymore. just trying to give any info that might spark memories!) My stream title was usually: Jacob "The Zombies Guy" 404, or "we run (mapname)" I did 2 person runs mostly with my friend wtfiz. We had top 100 on a bunch of maps (proof of one of our runs http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/index.php?/topic/136509-ranked-number-59-legit-check-this-out/) and we were about as tryhard as zombies players get. I also ran with the following people, in case any of this will help you remember me: heartless OG, bullishtoast, ego the icon, bigtimer. Anyways I can't really remember any more details but I'm just hoping at least one person from here remembers me, since I lost contact with my old group of friends. Just bought an xbox one and trying to get back into it with BO3.
  4. Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    This is a glitch. i made a topic about this. viewtopic.php?f=60&t=7081
  5. monkey bomb glitch?

    yeah i hate when the monkey disappears. And about juggy... Well, watch this- http://www.justin.tv/wtfizz/b/277383752 This happened to me while i was live streaming. (I was just fuckin around in pubs with that gay shotgun. lol) But yeah, finally i have PROOF
  6. monkey bomb glitch?

    Anyone who used the glitch are cheap and pricks. I play legit, and all my leaderboards have dropped from like top 150 to 1000+. They all went down mysteriously after the monkey glitch was found. I dont care if you're "in a snitch". You get 3 monkeys per max ammo, let alone if more than 1 person has them. If you need more than that many monkey bombs, you deserved to die. Play legit and actually get better at zombies. :facepalm: