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  1. Top 10 favourite albums

    In know apparent order Modal Soul:Nujabes Panic:Caravan Palace Spiritual State: Nujabes 99 songs of revolution: Streetlight Manifesto Get Busy Living: Goldfish Pandora's Box: Aerosmith Candy Coated Fury: Reel Big Fish Discovery: Daft Punk Journey: Sinitus Tempo Metaphorical Music: Nujabes
  2. The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Let's just discuss the game shall we? It's about a group of highschoolers jumping into TV's with a bear to solve a series or murders. The song, I enjoyed it yes, but it's too lighthearted. The original opening fit perfectly. Showing the dark mysterious setting, while showing the joy in others. I was actually that they would use Skies the limit as maybe an FES type of deal. Guess not, since they kinda screwed up a lot!
  3. Which genre of music is your favorite?

    ^That's what I'm talking about! I can't sat I have a favorite genre anymore. I'll be adding more options in a bit, just because it was a late night post doesn't mean it isn't worth expanding. Also, pop ain't music? Really guys? XD! It's kinda cool to see all of the metalheads get together and see how much they love their music.
  4. It's about 1 am right now, and I've been listening to music all night. I've gone through every genre I could think of, and it has come to my attention that I can't find a favorite. So I wanted to ask you guys, what genre is your favorite? And why?
  5. The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Well, adding in some characters from every game in the series is a good idea. If you play the fighting game and that turns out to be your introduction to the series, you want to see some characters from that game in the other Persona games so you have an idea on what they're like. As for a "dark" version of the same character, i've seen plenty of games do it correctly, and rarely do it poorly. It seems that stranded Labrys is going to be a standard fighter with some mid range attacking being her style. The "dark" version is a lot more aggressive than the normal version, so there will be diversity. It would've been better to see the spot go to someone else though. Maybe Adachi? Nyx? Nanako? I really would have avoided the shadow aspect for the characters outside of Persona 4, and maybe have made a shadow Kanji and friends. Also, it seems that Atlus is giving everyone a one-hit-ko move, what do you think that'll be like?
  6. What do I do in skyrim after EVERYTHING is done?

    Actually, that book thing sounds interesting.Care to share anything interesting? Well, whenever I play Skyrim, I usually have a goal in mind, dick about with the Atronoch forge. Make a rune+archery+sneak scenario, and fist fight a bear.Kinda odd, but it's entertainin.
  7. The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    My goodness, where has the time gone? I forgot all about our little thread! As for your question, I'm thinking that i'll start with either Naoto or Teddie. Naoto seems like the playstyle that i've grown fond of. Easy combo from a distance, amazing pay-off if you choose to close the gap. Teddie i'm just gonna play in-case they change his *ultimate* move's name to "Bearserker Barrage". I'll just be sitting there laughing to death! As a secondary, I might peak into Akihiko as well, nice juggling from what i've seen Now, as for news I may bring up, I would like to direct you to another forum that will be a lot more attractive towards our discussions. http://mayonakamidnight.com/ I've just signed up and it seems that there is a contest for a copy of Persona 4: Ultimate in Mayonaka on there.
  8. The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Shoot, of course I'm picking it up! The question is will we destroying each other on Xbox live? I've been pretty excited for this to come out though, I still have high hope for this game, I may not be the best at fighting games, I'm more than willing to give this a try.
  9. Whats up guys?

    So you live again! Good to see you around here bud.
  10. The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    Ken. Where do you start with this kid? Where would you end? I mean, losing your mother is one thing, going out and incessantly crying about it is just plain stupid. Losing Shinjiro because of it was even worse. Plus the fact that his voice, while not as bad as Fuuka's, drives me insane. I never cared for the kid. Time for a new question, who is the best developed character in the series? While Akihiko is my favorite, the best character has to be either Aigis, or Adachi. Aigis's growth over the entire game is part of the reason why I love Persona, seeing actual growth in a game is so rare to see. I can't even name a few of the top of my head right now. The effect of seeing this machine become more, human, is amazing. Adachi on the other hand was an amazing character because...well you know the story. (Can't explain do to possibly spoiling the show for some.)
  11. The Shin Megami Tensei Persona Series

    I love games that have a dark story. Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Persona 3 were all great games that have that going on. Remember though, within these games are some light hearted moments as well. With that said, if Atlus can't balance it out, make it dark! DARKER THAN BLACK! Now here's another question, are there any other "strange" characters in the SMT/Persona series? I mean that in the sense that P3 has Aigis, and P4 has Teddy.
  12. Who does have a hobby like collecting things or parts?

    I mean alot! At least I used too .... I sold most to get some games . I still have a respectable collection. If I had a number, i'd say 500 or so cards as of late.
  13. CoDz Word Association Game

  14. Who does have a hobby like collecting things or parts?

    I collect things for the oddest reasons, I have quite a few collection because of that Right now I'm collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Bobble heads, and Snow globes. Yu-gi-oh was awesome growing up, I had so many cares when I was younger that I loved to death. I collect them now for sentimental reasons, though I always get talked into a duel from time to time. Snow globes are amazing! The though of a world in the palm of your hand, seeing all the detail and work put into it is just a great way to kill boredom. Bobble heads, are well, bobble heads. Nothing much to them I guess :roll: .
  15. CoDz Word Association Game