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  1. Black ops story

    it was awsome exept that reznov crap, i saw it coming from a mile away
  2. carbonova6

    no, it was a fun activity
  3. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    maybe a bit late but i want to join in but i am only 16
  4. carbonova6

    after i did my homework [brains] i solved it note: capital karakters are important (in username and password) the username was hard
  5. carbonova6

    why? edit: it isn't
  6. carbonova6

    13 or didnt you mean that? 14 in the text
  7. carbonova6

    Care to explain your process? if you pick out alls the capped karakters out of the text you will find CEASAR if you put in the last phrase of the text in the ROT ceasars code you will find: the password is classified edit: forgot to teel it was on the thritheenth line
  8. carbonova6

    phrase after ROT ceasar code: the password is classified edit: i am stuck
  9. carbonova6

    You must find the username and password by using.... Use a Group to uncover iLL BiLL's conspiracy. If you can figure out what this phrase means it will lead you to someplace where more information will be available to you. ahh ok thanks now i get it do we need to help eachother? spoiler:if yes: (u need to use ceasar) phrase: the password is classified
  10. carbonova6

    3 10 4 2 10 the number of karakters a word maybe its usefull edit: stupid post dont listen to this one
  11. carbonova6

    eyes only? black ops? or is it more of a code like of thing, jumped in later after the transmissions
  12. 47093- EBOLA.

    to succesfully eliminate the ebola thing: its the mistake the most people make, zombies are the people who died en turn into a "zombie" the people who dont die and turn into a "zombie" are called "infected" not zombies. and about the illuminati thing that was disscussed in the begin of this thread: there is a theory that the illuminati wants to wipe out the most part of the human population and preserve a few humans that they can easly "control".