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  1. The only thing that makes me unsure of this being Woods is that fact that under his sleeve, it doesn't have a USMC tattoo like he does in BO. Even though the evidence proves me otherwise, this is just a small detail that bugs me.
  2. Just thought this was relevant to all the 'Illuminati' business.
  3. What PST is in GTM? Yes I'm too lazy to google it. I think its -8GMT. But don't quote me on that. [even though everywhere I sign up -8GMT seems to work for my timezone] *EDIT: It might be +8GMT, so 10 pm. BUT if it is -8GMT, I doubt it is going to be at 6am.
  4. As far as when then next picture goes up. I say anytime after 2pm Pacific Standard Time (PST). It seems like most things happen around or after 2pm PST.