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  1. Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    First off i want to give props to Blackfire for starting this post. I by no means intend to hijack, but rather provide video proof and my experiences with getting these "permaperks" if you will. Steel Board permaperk. I tried it all, I stayed by one window and boarded it up for 40 mins. That didn't work. I also road the bus around tranzit 3 times with zombies hanging on pulling boards; while I boarded. Still didn't work. Ultimately, what I realized is that you can't just "board" you need to get points, points while boarding. They can't make it easy to get such a useful perk and by no means was it easy. Feel free to check out my video before where I show video proof the moment I got it. I also show side-by-side comparison of having the perk and not having the perk. It takes a zombie 1 second to pull a board, six boards to a window. That's six seconds, give or take a second or two while he twitches (7-8) seconds without the perk. With the perk it take the zombie 3 seconds to pull the board or rather 3 attempts X's that by six boards and you got 18 seconds and you've tripled the amount of time it takes a zombie to rip the board off. mM-BD4FiGRs WOOD vs STEEL Side-by-side comparison l9hlEZkVVI8 Quick Revive PermaPerk This was the easiest to get. I was with a team of 3 and we just downed each other in the early rounds (1-3). Each one of us, after the 17th revive got the permaperk. We were also greeted with a GREEN flash on the screen; we all saw it. Without the perk it takes 4 seconds to revive. With the perk it takes 2 seconds. Again another useful perk! Video proof below: p454eyR0EFg Dead shot Daiquiri Simple.. 1 bullet, 2 headshots can be done on level one with the m14 WwRIag3Ewb4
  2. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    25 with 3 players Actually uploading the entire gameplay right now to my other channel http://www.youtube.com/user/SEEtheREPLAY
  3. False Alarm..

    PS3 has no update i checked.
  4. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    how about that dude "patastinky" [brains] he's the Der Riese kING :)