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  1. Nice one getting it right, I tried sentences but I hadn't tried lines yet.
  2. I think this is a one time pad, where the numbers represent sentence number:word in the sentence:letter in the word. I may have done it wrong but I checked this using the world at war bios, the bo3 twitter small bio things and the sentences Monty says to the characters when they get downed after shooting the wisps and personally I couldn't get any of those to work. We have 4 maps now each for 1 character so it could be more related to the maps or the cutscenes from the maps than the characters themselves.
  3. Newest Jimmy Zielinski Tweet

    I guess he means it like *insert zombies tease #32 here*, just showing how he has teased it lots.
  4. Something I Found.

    In one of the Single Player loading screens, where it flashes lots of images and stuff together quickly as well as showing you where your mission is taking place in the world, it shows 2 vials of chemicals and Nova 6 at the bottom. This shows that those 2 chemicals combined makes Nova 6. Those 2 vials are in the bomb on S&D. I will try to record this but I have other videos to recod and upload.