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  1. Assassin Shrimp

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Haha...Hey...Wait what's that supposed to mean?!?!
  2. Assassin Shrimp

    47093- EBOLA.

    I don't know if this was found first but points to them if you have found it first but.....in the new updated GKNOVA6 site all of the numbers on the L.E.D/orange light counters all have the same numbers....47093...maybe Treyarch is really hinting at the Ebola thing.
  3. Assassin Shrimp

    Request userbars for your signatures

    I'm new to this type of system so.....could i get one that has makarov and says "Remember, No Russian"? or do you not allow Activision on your site? if you can't do makarov then can you do one with a Zombie on it with Stumpy Was Rude...

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