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  1. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    im ready to play when ever guys
  2. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

  3. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    im ready for zombies just playing FFA until I get a zombies invite
  4. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    lol just me and yellow on a team :P
  5. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    *Borat impression* I VERY EXCITE!!!!
  6. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    Ill try and play on the 28th and other play dates, Saturday's and Sunday's are good cuz I don't have to work. Hopefully this is better than 115 day cuz nobody was really playing or they kept leaving. Psn:TheDrizzle-0|Availiabilty: 7pm-10pm or later PST (weekends)|Maps: All(verruckt!!)|Team: any
  7. Hate to be the bringer of bad news...

    maybe this is why richtofen had a space suit on during Ascension
  8. Who do you think will be the most popular new character?

    The real question is who will be the nikolai or takeo of the group.
  9. Your emblem

    Click for large view - Uploaded with Skitch Heres mine I was gonna make the normal version of it that I saw on youtube but then when I was putting the eagles on there I decided to do the pro version. I dont even use scavenger
  10. Show us your desktop.. Heres mine! V2.

    Half Life is Awesome I cant wait for Portal 2 and Ep. 3 Heres my desktop https://img.skitch.com/20101223-m8iej1d ... api1bb.jpg
  11. Ghost. (formally I am done thread)

    Wow how is Ghost unfair? I worked hard to get my ghost pro perk and I love it, sure I might camp from time to time with my silenced galil, when im surrounded to get my chopper gunner but thats what its for. Your stealthy....like a GHOST. But it is true that campers are annoying but the game isnt broken.
  12. Was anybody dissapointed when (SPOILERS)

    I think cuz he was driving. I remember I was like "Come on Reznov, JUMP!" but then I heard "Not for me mason, for you..." and I was really bummed.
  13. Was anybody dissapointed when (SPOILERS)

    I think he meant Bowman
  14. Was anybody dissapointed when (SPOILERS)

    I didnt even expect it, so when Hudson went in to try and stop mason and there was no Reznov at first it was the biggest WTF happened to Reznov, but then It all kicked in and I was like so He thought Reznov was there the whole time. Also I loved the deer hunter scene, that was so intense!
  15. Was anybody dissapointed when (SPOILERS)

    woods doesnt die? I just beat campaign and it totally blew me away. my fave campaign was MW but BO takes it away.