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    More To Solve On Der Riese

    getting drunk on nogg could mean drinking it loads of times. so getting it for x amount of rounds by repeatedly downing yourself every round. a monkey party in the garage could mean having four players drunk on nogg, and all throw monkey bombs in the furnace? or throw it in the garage? the things the teddy's are holding must be important. sorry for bringing up old subject. and you used the fly trap twice in a match??? gotta try that out. is it me, or when the power ups fly away, do they fly towards the sky? or 'aether'. so, it might be something like getting whatever is in the sky to come back down. also, when the hell hounds teleport, the 'lightning' comes from the sky. possible reference? again, sorry for bringing up old news, but it seemed relevant.
  2. cheeseman95

    **The Henry Langham Conspiracy: We Still Believe**

    i believe in henry, but when he's being all cryptica nd not answering, im going to post this to the doves and crows. german- these are dangerous times. henry-i understand that, but these experiments? what possible results to do you expect to yeild? german-how do you sleep? henry- eer.. ive been sleeping ok. ive been sleeping ok, ive been taking the emoxa syrum like everyone else. german-this is test unit/human number seven. henry-what about him in there? german-he's perfectly comfortable. in fact the 'truple'? has been proven to severly reduce his headaches. henry-and i asume he's just another volunteer? german-is there 'ilegible' composition, mr langham? henry-how about this? german-the motive to ascert control on indvidual for 'death' will create everyone equal. henry-answer my question- what about these people? are they volunteers? okay, the parts in inverted brackets are things i couldt hear properly, so i guessed.
  3. cheeseman95

    **The Henry Langham Conspiracy: We Still Believe**

    can you tell us the things he's predicted? and can we guess who he is? with subtle clues like henry gave out?
  4. cheeseman95

    **The Henry Langham Conspiracy: We Still Believe**

    to the person who said they can translate german, theres a bit between 28-30 i cant make out, think its german. could you check?
  5. cheeseman95

    **The Henry Langham Conspiracy: We Still Believe**

    anyone want a transcript of recording 7? pm me, with the whole doves and crow's thing, i want to be on the safe side. to check if henry has moved onto a different forum, wait until GKNOVA0 updates and it says something that doesnt link to waht were speculating on. its what happened to games radarstuff. they didnt understand a single thing going on nova0. which is the link to the tuny url? PM me please
  6. cheeseman95

    Henry is a hoax

    have you seen who's posted it? carbon. everyone will most likely come to this sight, click on GKNOVA6 and then click on the first topic. then they will probably look at the topic with the second most views. not a rant, i see were your coming from, but this is real, not a hoax. read the most recent pages, it comes up with alot of stuff
  7. cheeseman95

    Henry is a hoax

    i see where your coming from, but the docs carbon go in the mail do relate to the live drop.
  8. cheeseman95

    related/unrelated facts and notes to GK and HL

    just heard the new transmissions. everyone focus one 0!!!!!! i swear once that is deciphered, things will become alot easier. that A witht the sign above it is significant. when i try and use hex to change the 00000's, i always get that. anyway, just translated the thing under 0. its the same thing he sings in recording 14 at the start. also, in the same recording at 0:30 i can see some type of aircraft? not to sure, but ill figure it out. also, end of the same recording.... german. someone translate? that code of zeros!!!!! someone, sort it out!!!!! i know its very important. its locations. we also need pictures of us, i think, this is the translation: I'm shocked, they continue to say my name, but I do not see any faces, I see nothing. 60 years on and they still open the doors of hell. I'll see you in my dreams, you hold in my dreams, I'll sing next, singing this song, I'll see you in my dreams. i dont see faces:either a)hes blind (could work:mentions things along these lines in recording 15).the hell should not be taken literally. the way he sings the song: sorta forced, as in he doesnt want to. henry is slowly being affected by the control. if im going with the theory that some people are unaffected by it (US),T,there friends that T mentions. henry is fighting it, or is being effected by it. hence the singing, screaming, and on the first recording, this is the last time you'll hear from me. i think thy're being moved around the world(hence the airplane). also, thos docs carbon got sent, ima go through them. theres a few things that pop out, and others that are misleading. where are the transcripts of 0,14 and 15?
  9. cheeseman95

    related/unrelated facts and notes to GK and HL

    no, cod 5 zombies the die glocke runs on element 115. e 115 was used to make the zombies, wunderwaffe and ray gun.
  10. cheeseman95

    related/unrelated facts and notes to GK and HL

    also, WTF does hows your wife mean? either codeword, anagram (we got to show your). anyway, short recap: GK-evil, HL, unsure of who H and T is. major american company. cont.935's work. from transmission 16 they are using it to take over the world. either brainwashing or blinding americans from truth. reznov is high powered in america. H-real henry langhem. has been effected by GK('was once a man''these srent my hands') . maybe was involved with GK, but then backed out. T-most likely tank dempsey. if im right, he talks about 'not getting the shit on my hands' (maybe came in contact with 115 before?)and 'old bones'. so about 60? character skin DLC- 60 year old tank dempsey. U.S.-not to sure, but maybe letting GK do there thing without caring? die glocke-was UFO crashlanding in roswell. maybe....... just maybe die glocke? it fits, with element 115, and it could of been scouting/test flight?
  11. cheeseman95

    related/unrelated facts and notes to GK and HL

    soooo.... lets look at this from a wide spectrum. bentheren and 111111(hell, its binary for ?) are being very cryptic. HL, on the other hand is being very open about things, making himself known. so, you could say that HL has nothing to fear, and doesnt care what he says. then going back to that pm to srm-tpr, it says that H would never do something like that. he would, what? never use his full name? so either in fear of GK. which they must be. but then going back to the first posts that started this all, you could gleen from it that GK dont know who or what H and T are.
  12. cheeseman95

    related/unrelated facts and notes to GK and HL

    too many decisions...... at the mo, i belive that anything with only a H or T on is real, anything else is fake. what we really need is photo's of henry, tank, and the stuff thats going on.
  13. cheeseman95

    related/unrelated facts and notes to GK and HL

    could, be but on the same page it mentions carlisle building. that was knocked down in london, meaning that is old. surprise, that is god damn clever, but 111111 already conformed that the HL account on codz isnt real, and is GK.
  14. cheeseman95

    related/unrelated facts and notes to GK and HL

    well, if you swap all the spaces for 1's, it comes out sorta like points on a map. or, a file location. i believe its the latter because the transmission 1/2 says stolen/hacked? from education.mov meta data file: 0000000 00000 000000000 0000000000000000000 00000000000000000000 00000 0000000000000000000 00000000000 000000000000000 00000000000000 0000000000000000 000000000000000000 000000000000000 000000000000 000000000000 00000 on the same vid, the last page, there is a date at the bottom of the page. anyone catch it? ok, call of duty storyline that i understand so far. cod 5 zombies happened. tank is still alive. all the area's surrounding each zombie site has eiher been a-destroyed by germany at the time or b- overrun. im going to go with the prior, becuase it seems more belivable. there are some flaws to this, but its only theory. so ther pic in the book of the horrors, so i think its more of a scrapbook than a fact book. theres too many misleading facts in it for it to be chronilogical. Henry even points that out so, yeah.... so going back to cod 5, it gives the coordinates for area 51. we could presume that work is already being done at it, or GK? (there was a company supplying chemicals to germany, maybe foundings of GK?? ok. fast forward x amount of years (either present day, or somewhere in the past 50?? so, GKNOVA6 found out what the germans were doing, and even complemented them on it, saying the were so advanced. they started experimenting with teliportation, hypnosis and maybe zombies (in one of the docs, mentions outbreak,security boosts and how to handle. handle what?-either zombies/patients or 115). they are really bad at teliportation then ( i think) because the subject always dissapates. all i wanna put down right now, cause they might throw in another plot twist. hows the wife? C,
  15. what i need help deciphering is the code that 'HL' and 'T' keep talking in. i think i know what how they tell if someone is GK or not, but its only experimental, but does follow true. i want to kow the morse code in transmission 1/2 cause it pretty much does play through the whole thing(the music). i believe that it is morse because he says do not listen etc, etc. also, anyone been able to decipher the 000000000's he always talks in? and ive got an inkling of an idea, but it probably wayyyyy to farfetched.

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