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  1. Error on PS3

    The xbox has a lot more problems that a 1 in 1,000,000 chance error for black ops. I believe the error is just from something glitching and stuffing up. very rare. dont worry about it. im pretty sure this guy is just Sk8131 again because of his sig. either way, REPORTED K,thanks Johnson
  2. Error on PS3

    Do I look like the guy who even gives a f***?
  3. Error on PS3

    So I am playing multiplayer with some bots in Kowloon,right? Then,I some guy jumps out of no where and then the game just goes to a black screen. After that,it took me to the multiplayer menu. Then an error screen came (No,my PS3 didn't take me out of the game,it was in one of those error screens that you get when you can't join a game)and it said Error:Hunk_UserAlloc:Out of memory". What does that mean? Has anyone got this before?
  4. NEW Gknova6 Update! 12-23-10

    Right? I mean what else could it be?
  5. NEW Gknova6 Update! 12-23-10

    I think it might be the Comsic Silverback,its a monkey in a space suit,remember how they look? There are more of them,and you don't have to kill one just to find out that there is more. "The cosmic silverback has many brothers" I don't think they're alive either,they must be zombified from the looks of it from the Dead Ops intro and from gknova6,maybe its the new thief or dog round enemy in the new map? It's called Ascension,remember the quote "You must ascend from darkness" Keyword:Ascend/Map Name:Ascension-Something big might happen,maybe even the grand finale? Maybe...
  6. Show us your desktop.. Heres mine! V2.

    I think if I show mine Carbon will ban me for a few weeks lol, just kidding,it's just me with my friends at a bar.
  7. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    I just got to 18 rounds by myself,but its not going to be in the leaderboards... :cry:
  8. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    I've gotten to round 15 by myself,team mates are no use now,they all suck,except for some
  9. Would you like to thank Treyarch?

    Maybe a picture of some of us killing zombies using Call Of Duty:WaW Characters and a "Thanks for the zombies" signature next to the CoDz Signature.
  10. GKNova6 Zombies / Single Player Connection

    Since the tortue room and the gknova6 room have some similarities,is it possible that the gknova6 labs will be the next zombie map? I think so...
  11. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    Not me,I'm not a veteran and I'm not available but I think Mikeh12 should be the new moderator.

    I don't believe you but if it is true then don't do it...
  13. *EPIC* Zombie Event [Need someone to host on XBox, too.]

    Let him host it,its not a bad thing and he didn't get banned
  14. *EPIC* Zombie Event [Need someone to host on XBox, too.]

    My PSN name is Assassinryu34
  15. Request userbars for your signatures

    Can I have one that says Assassinryu25 on it? That would be pretty cool...