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  1. So, who was this cosmicsilverback?????

    wasnt in the chat, what type of things was he saying? By the way, does anybody else think its awesome that the people giving hints always come to this website?
  2. SPLIT-SCREEN Online

    as stupid as that sounds, for some reason in games, when you attach acog, it adds range, and range adds damage because the bullet moves faster. Could you imagine a revolver accross the map? Thats pretty much a sniper
  3. Last Wishes

    id like to see a few small maps for cqb
  4. More To Solve On Der Riese

    Carbon and olin are friends. Doubt hes getting blackmailed. But its possible Jd said hey, tell them this or tell them that, or showed carbon a secret
  5. More To Solve On Der Riese

    im sorry but has anybody shot the fly trap while it flew away
  6. Phone Number found!!! Linked to GKNOVA6?!?

    has anyone tried calling the number given when you text the 433339