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  1. What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    got to round 40 with a mate and it was chaotic, probably could of had a couple more rounds in us apart from the flaming hell hound that spawned after we teleported with a crawler miles from us, wasted a lot of points on that game upgrading random weapons for the fun of it got to level 28/29 solo but got bored coz there were a lot less zombies to kill so turned it off
  2. Do you still play?

    I miss my zombie-fests, i used to hav a whale of a time, wasnt a huge fan of verrukt but i didnt play it tht much. pretty much started the fest on Shi No Numa and tht was wat got me hooked. guna invest in a copy of WaW in a week or so, so the zombies better beware Wud love to hook up wiv some of you guys frm the forums but cnt till i invest in the game and map-packs :(