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  1. Userbar Showcase [Updated 5/10/13]

    i think the fourm member one is for us, but i know that mikeh12 did one ages ago... Want me to change it to dweller? I'll see if I can find the original psd... EDIT: I thought I'd made the member one, turns out I hadn't =P Here is the dweller one I made a while ago:
  2. CoDz Yearly Awards/Titles, Expansion from UOTM

    http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... &t=1590045 This seems to do the trick. A couple of forums I've been on have used a similar mod, but I can't remember the name at the moment =/ But I think that is the sort of thing you want.
  3. CoDz Yearly Awards/Titles, Expansion from UOTM

    Instead of a UOTY, why not have individual awards (they can just be a banner for the winner's sig, not a group). Stuff like: - Most contributions to WWK - Most Mature Member - Kindest to the Newbies - Most Online Stuff like that, little things ;)
  4. Ideas for Site Podcast

    Sorry about not making it >_ I've also been busy with school, and that is only likely to increase, so regrettably I'm going to have to withdraw my name for the foreseeable future.
  5. Ideas for Site Podcast

    I'd be willing to help, but my times are limited. Probably only able to do it after school, or on Sundays.
  6. Userbar Showcase [Updated 5/10/13]

    Just right click on them, and then click on "Copy Image Location".
  7. Userbar Showcase [Updated 5/10/13]

    If you have photoshop, just use this tutorial. If not, then I'm sure you can work out how to do it in another program by using that tutorial as a basic guide.
  8. Userbar Showcase [Updated 5/10/13]

    I know i'm a n00b and all, but how do you get userbars? I make my own, and I know carbon makes some for members on this site (He has a thread here). I assume you could also just use any of the ones in this topic as well. Plus you can just search on the internet, and you will find lots.
  9. Ideas for Site Podcast

    4PM on Saturday, I'll be out of the house >_> I'm really sorry about that, it looks like I'll have to miss this one. Can anyone record it for me to listen to later on?
  10. Userbar Showcase [Updated 5/10/13]

    I don't have individual links to the ones in my sig, but if someone wants one of them, just PM me.
  11. Ideas for Site Podcast

    Gah, I've had a hectic month at school, sorry I haven't been on much. I forgot about this, but would still like to see it take off.
  12. Xieon here, welcome all!

    Welcome to CoDz! I hope you have a great time here! If you've got any questions, just ask.
  13. Ideas for Site Podcast

    Can't use Skype, most of the time when I use my laptop I'm with family or something, so I wouldn't be able to speak, is there a text function on it?
  14. Ideas for Site Podcast

    Yep, I've also got my Macbook, which comes with an inbuilt mic that I could use if we need too. I put forward the idea that because everyone is spread around the world, we could prerecord bits, and then add them together and release it at a later date. Makes it so people don't have to be online at silly times. And if we get the chance, could Covert/carbon/another mod try to contact a Treyarch Dev we could interview? That would be pretty awesome. You guys have a better chance than me and Strwrsbob of convincing them to do it.
  15. Um... Britain is England. britain is a group of 4 countrys....england is one of them Correct. But Elizabeth II is the monarch or Ascension Island, so we can assume the English have the most say on what happens there. Ascension Island is part of the British Overseas Territories, it isn't part of the United Kingdom, but is ruled by it. Personally, I think Ascension will take place there, not the United States of America, it seems to fit in more.