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  1. Anyone want to try this theory out?
  2. I was thinking that exact same thing dude, like one person stands at each lander and calls it in a certain order...
  3. I Think it has something to do with the landers. There a 4 power points: 1 Generator and 3 landers. So maybe if we take the landers in a certain order we unlock the next step. Why else would the landers only be 250 points??
  4. Dixxxy


    Im not sure if this is relevant but it looked interesting http://groups.google.com/group/alt.cons ... 73d26774b# They talk about mind control and a machine..It could be nothing but no harm in looking at it.
  5. Dixxxy


    Hey guys I dont know if this is relevant but it might help lead to the .RAR file password!! I was looking Into the alt.conspiracy group and "The Conspiracy is the cats Meow" So I took the first letter of "The Conspiracy cats Meow" and got TCCM (which stands for The Combined Cipher Machine) Heres some info on the Cipher Machine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combined_Cipher_Machine Maybe someone who's a little better at the whole decoding thing can take a look and see where it gets you EDIT!!!! NEVERMIND :D

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