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    So he didnt actually take the credit. When we merged the topics, we saw both topics were done at the same time, literally! The system during the merge then put the post in order of when they were added. Sorry about the confusion but hope this helps a bit!
  2. Hello

    Welcome (back)!!! We have all missed you if you cant tell! How are all things in the big world of Treyarch? Busy I hope!
  3. Spring Clean Up

    Just a bit of work, Nator! DaPikmin like Ehjookayted said all the post will be moved to one section so we can move them back into the topics if need be. Also it wont affect anybodies post count.
  4. Spring Clean Up

    Hello all of CoDz!! Over the next few weeks the staff will be doing some cleaning of the topics. We will be moving out the post that are no longer active, now don't worry if we think it will be used again in the future or it is still active it will be left. If theres a post you think is missing and we should still have up please pm a staff member so we can bring it back to life! Thanks Lissa110 CoDz Staff
  5. Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    The site was never meant to be a money maker. Undead is right we will not make the site a place to make money off of. Our Founder Carbon put all his time and money into the site and didnt earn a dollar from it. We will continue in this manner. When the time comes for our dear friend Covert to leave we will then be making more changes to continue the growth of the site and yes there will be more staff changes at that time, Im sure!
  6. Dont stop making your guides, I need them!!
  7. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    Damn it Carl, his parents need to keep a better eye on him, they cant just let him roam alone. If they were better parents Dale wouldnt have died!! Im sad about Dales death :cry:! On another note here is a link to the 6 webisodes on the bicycle girl! They are pretty good, sad too, but good..... http://www.amctv.com/shows/the-walking- ... t_id=32666
  8. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    I would go to a warehouse. How to you think the security guards got infected?
  9. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    I just have to say how I love this show!! Its my favorite, do you guys watch talking dead too?
  10. Who does have a hobby like collecting things or parts?

    I collect coins. Pre 1964 american silver coins. My favorite is the barber dimes and walking liberty silver dollar! But any thing before silver before '64 and any coin before 1900! I would say I have a couple hundred dollars in face value only, but probably would equal to a couple thousand dollars of collectible value!
  11. Xbox 360 Playdate Schedule

    I work tomorrow but if you all are on still in the late evening I will join in!!
  12. Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    Maybe we should go see those doctors that clone pets and see if they are ready to do humans yet!!! It would be for a good cause. It will be a sad day when you do end up stepping away, the site site will go into a state of mourning for a period. But since this post came out I also have been thinking about when I joined, I love this site!! This is the only site I still go to on a regular bases that I have ever signed up for. When I think of you Carbon I think of the night we had the play date and all the laughs that were had!! I also I have gone into a rant......
  13. Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    Sorry guys, I also dont think Carbon will have a vote! He will pick whoever (whether it is one or two people) he thinks can take care of his baby the way he would want it to be run! Like Carbon said he rather flip the switch then let the site be ruined or change to far from what he has created! Also thanks for all the support! When I put up my post I didnt know how you all would take it so thanks!!! :D
  14. Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    I havent gotten it yet!! It still Carbons baby! I also hope Covert wont be gone forever!! As I have read no one can stay away, FOREVER! :twisted:
  15. Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    Here's an idea. Give Lissa and I the site and during the time that I'm still here, I can show Lissa everything that would need to be done. Then once it gets closer to the time that I have to leave, Lissa and I can find someone else who can run the site alongside her. I like this idea. I would be honored to learn from you (and hopefully Carbon) on what needs to happen and be able to take over when you end up going!