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A Universe has been born


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"I know the Shadowman is probably talking to you. Don't trust him! He's evil. I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire. I bet he's saying all sorts of terrible things, spreading all kinds of rumours about me. By the way, I spell rumours with a U. After the O, before the R. That's a nice little easter egg. In fact, it's everything." – Dr. Monty


An U after the O and before the R. It has been generally speculated that this refers to the universe existing between Origins and Revelations. We know that Origins was the start of Primis’ quest, and Revelations the finale. But if this would concern Primis’ journey, it would not limit itself to a universe but to the entire multiverse, given the fact that they jump around from dimension to dimension and from fracture to fracture. No, the fact that it has been hypothesized that U stands for universe reminds me of one piece of text specifically. Written on the Shadows of Evil scrap paper, we can read the following: “A universe has been born. The others must be undone”. Next to it, we see a drawing of an endless multitude of worlds, with one world being highlighted by colour and size. What is this new universe that has been born? And why does it only exist between Origins and Revelations. How was it “born” in the first place?




We know that the scrap paper is written by Primis Richtofen while he was being influenced by House Maxis and Monty, so it would be likely to suppose that if there would be one universe that has to be preserved by Primis Richtofen, it’d be Monty’s perfect world. But if it would be this perfect world, wouldn’t it have to exist already before Origins? Because during that map we have Samantha that telepathically attempts to reach us from the House. And since Monty’s perfect would continues to exist after Revelations, why would the U be before the R?

I’d like to remind you of a theory created by @Rapt several years ago already (phew man, we’re getting old). In a nutshell: The Frozen Forest was created by Primis and Ultimis sacrificing themselves at the end of Tag der Toten. I’d like to build upon that theory by arguing an alternative possibility. Maybe the Frozen Forest realm took shape by the creation of the Elemental Shard. But I do believe that what we see at the end of Tag der Toten is the creation of a pocket-universe: that of the House. Yeah, that’s where things start to get a bit complicated.

Following the examples of the Alcatraz pocket dimension and the supposedly Morg City pocket dimension (or pocket universe, as I prefer to call them), we can deduce two observations that are very likely to take as facts:


1.       The creation of a pocket-universe requires a sacrifice of four souls

2.       A pocket-universe is ethereally isolated from the regular world, yet physically based on it.


Point 1 is corroborated by the fact that the Alcatraz pocket is being held together by the souls of the four electrocuted mobsters, while in case of the Morg City pocket this is likely related to the poisoning of the four Shadows characters. Point 2 can be argued by the fact that both the Alcatraz and Morg City are very alike to their original version, only slightly altered, but the external seems to struggle to manipulate it (think about how Maxis couldn’t contact Richtofen in Alcatraz).


The sacrifice of the souls of Nikolai, Richtofen, Takeo and Dempsey in the Frozen Forest can be alike the death of the four mobsters or the Shadows crew – the latter even being more similar since their cause of death too is drinking poison. Having murdered themselves, they too are sinners and can be sacrificed to complete a ritual that created a pocket-universe. The House would function as a perfect pocket-universe, since it seems to be isolated from the regular world yet physically based on it. What’s more, in the Zombies Chronicles trailer we see Samantha playing with a snowball with inside the House: the perfect metaphor for a pocket-universe.


But both locations being a pocket-universe makes sense. As we often see in case of pocket dimensions, the souls of the characters sacrificed will also appear in the pocket itself. The souls of our four heroes can be found in both the House and the Frozen Forest. The only reason why I think that the universe referred to in the scrap paper is the House is because it is written by Primis Richtofen while he was influenced by Monty.


In the concerning Revelation wisp of Dr. Monty, he mentions the following: “That’s a nice little easter egg. In fact, it’s everything”. This highlights the importance of the one ‘U’ that exists between Origins and Revelations. The House is everything…This reminds me of the theory that the House is a spiritual realm much like Plato’s World of Ideas – In which the children play the story of both the Original Universe (Black Ops I) and the Cycle (Black Ops III), simultaneously being impacted by the events of their games. What they do in Samantha’s realm is converted into reality, much like how Monty’s drawing become physical weapons and utilities in the 3th dimension. Could be a reason why this one universe is so important. But why would the others have to be erased, if it are mere effects of the birth of this one universe? I’m writing this theory as I drink more beers, so I think it is time to stop now. Leave your thoughts if you have any ideas!

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