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The new "Apply Blueprint" feature is exactly what zombies needed.


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As the title states.
I jumped into Outbreak today to collect the new intel and for the first time since the mode released I found myself using box weapons.
Normally I start with the Hauer and use that all the way through.

But now I can apply the cool looking blueprints and useful attachment combos they come with it's completely changed my gameplay experience.

Shock horror; I even dropped my Hauer for a DMR and and LMG just to try out the sick blueprints.
Thank you Treyarch! Great addition.

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Ah fair enough!
I maxed out both battlepasses so multiple blueprints for every gun.
Would highly recommend, but I guess if you don't play many hours or any MP it's hard to max it out and actually get all those rewards.

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I've maxed out both bps with 30 days to go for both, just don't have the funds to be buying the bps at the moment. Plus all of the bundles that are cool are all 20 bucks for each, there's no way I can justify to myself buying 20-30 bucks for a weapon skin when I could using it for something else.

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