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What order does everyone turn on the generators?


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I was curious today how everyone chooses to buy their perks.

Here is mine:


1. Speed Cola

2. Jugg

3. Staminup


I almost always use the Hauer so speedcola is first as the reload speed is the main downside of shotguns.

What order does everyone else play?

Or is there some madman who saves all their points to PaP before buying perks.


Curious to hear what everyone else does. 

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The order I buy perks and the order I open generators is different, because I'm a madman




Stamin-Up -> Speed Cola -> Juggernog (keeping two of the three doors in Helipad area closed off is pretty nice, and opening the left door makes less possible zombie spawns near the Crafting Table near the Barracks door)




Speed Cola -> Stamin-Up -> Juggernog

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